AdventNet Announces Fixes For SNMP Security Vulnerabilities Reported By CERT

Pleasanton, CA., Feb. 15, 2002

AdventNet, Inc., the leading provider of Java SNMP products, announced today the availability of fixes for all the products affected by the SNMP security vulnerabilities reported by CERT on February 12, 2002 (see

The Finland Oulu University Secure Programming Group ( OUSPG) discovered numerous vulnerabilities in SNMP implementation from many different vendors. Vulnerabilities in the decoding and subsequent processing of SNMP messages by both managers and agents may result in denial-of-service conditions, format string vulnerabilities, and buffer overflows.

AdventNet has tested all its products and checked these security issues. The AdventNet products affected are: SNMP API, Agent Toolkit Java edition, Agent Toolkit C Edition, Management Builder, Web NMS, and Web NMS MSP Edition. In some cases, denial-of-service attacks are possible against these products and derivatives of these products. Please contact ManageEngine support for more details.

"AdventNet is grateful to CERT for bringing this issue to the worldwide SNMP user's attention", said Kumar Padmini, VP Worldwide Marketing and Sales. "AdventNet reiterates its commitment to provide world-class support by providing these fixes in a timely manner and address customer-specific issues via its special support line".

AdventNet has developed fixes for all of these security vulnerabilities in each affected product. Patches for each product are available from ManageEngine support.

About AdventNet, Inc

AdventNet, the Management Infrastructure Company, is a successful software vendor offering two majorlines of management software for the IT and telecom sectors. In the IT sector (enterprises, EAI middleware, J2EE application server and other software vendors), it offers a suite of productivity-enhancing software for end-to-end testing, instrumentation and management of applications. In the telecomsector (networking/telecom equipment vendors, service providers and MSPs), it offers massively scalable, carrier-grade management application server software for provisioning and management of networking infrastructure and applications. As a result of being highly customer focused, AdventNet has a worldwide customer base of leading EAI middleware, J2EE application server and other application vendors, telecom equipment vendors, enterprises, service providers, and systems integrators. AdventNet products provide ease of use, reliability, and extensive customizability powering solutions in many market segments that include applications management, optical networking, broadband access, storage management, web hosting, and managed services. AdventNet enables superior solutions with rapid time to market advantages. AdventNet corporate office is located at Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide.

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