ManageEngine Architects EventLog Analyzer for Enterprise Scalability, Faster Problem Identification and Resolution, Multi-language Support

Log Management and Compliance Audit Software Takes on the Largest Infrastructures

AUSTIN, Texas, October 16, 2009 – ManageEngine, makers of a globally renowned suite of cost effective network, systems and security management software solutions, today introduced EventLog Analyzer 6.0, built on a new web-based distributed architecture. EventLog Analyzer 6 is designed to help system administrators in even the largest enterprises ensure optimal security and performance of servers, switches, routers, operating systems and applications; and to maintain and demonstrate compliance with government regulations.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer 6 automates and centralizes the collection and analysis of device and application event logs from across the enterprise. The application will also automatically generate detailed, custom reports, allowing system administrators to more quickly identify the cause of any hardware or software anomaly on the network. Further, EvenLog Analyzer 6 allows for custom alerts to be pre-set so that anytime an unusual number, or particular type, of log event is generated, administrators are immediately notified of the potential problem. Alerts can even be sent to mobile phones.

The application’s custom dashboard capability allows administrators to see the alerts and reports that are specific to their job function and quickly zero-in on the cause of a performance problem or security vulnerability.

Archiving of event logs is also done by EventLog Analyzer 6.0. Network audits, and the requirements of HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, make event log archiving critical. EventLog Analyzer 6.0 includes audit-ready reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Customized reporting is also available, allowing system administrators to see and understand trends in user activity and peak usage times. Armed with such information, administrators can ensure the appropriate level of infrastructure resources is in place to support the business.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer 6.0 is designed to meet the needs of the largest multinational companies. The application’s new distributed architecture scales to support up to 12,000 hosts/applications, while log messages in languages of the European Union (EU), Middle East, China, Japan, and other East Asian countries can be handled.

 “EventLog Analyzer 6.0 helps administrators get the most value from the reams of data that make up hardware device and application event logs,” said Chenthil Kumaran, product manager for EventLog Analyzer at ManageEngine. “When there is a problem on the network, administrators don’t have the time to sift through logs, trying to make sense of what is happening. The larger the network, the more challenging this can be. That’s why we’ve made sure EventLog Analyzer 6.0 offers the functionality administrators in a distributed network need, while maintaining the ease-of-use.”

Availability & Pricing

The new EventLog Analyzer 6.0 can be downloaded directly from the company's website. The Distributed Edition, capable of supporting up to 5,000 hosts/applications; and the Professional/Premium Edition, for supporting up to 500 hosts/applications; are available at

Pricing starts at $6,245 for the Distributed Edition supporting 200 hosts/applications; $795 for the Premium Edition supporting 10 hosts/applications; and $395 for the Professional Edition supporting 10 hosts/applications. A 30-day free evaluation, with full functionality, is also available.

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