ManageEngine Improves Scalability; Enhances Pattern-Based Alerting and Reporting in EventLog Analyzer

Processes Log Data at 20,000 Logs per Second; Peak Event Handling up to 25,000 Logs per Second

  • Boosts scalability and log collection rate up to 10x
  • Enhanced reporting console with 1,000+ on-the-fly reports and a real-time event response system with 500+ predefined alert criteria
  • Download EventLog Analyzer v10 at

PLEASANTON, Calif. - February 4, 2015 - ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced the general availability of EventLog Analyzer version 10, its log analysis software. This version brings with it improved scalability, log collection and processing rates; enhanced reports; and pattern-based alerting. In turn, EventLog Analyzer now helps security admins gain better insight about their security frameworks without any time delays and build possible attack patterns to proactively mitigate security threats.

"For most large enterprises, the sheer volume of the log information generated makes it quite difficult to determine the attacks, security loopholes and vulnerabilities that require immediate action," said Chenthil Kumaran, product manager, ManageEngine. "With EventLog Analyzer version 10, there's a quantum leap in the log collection and processing rate which is sure to give security administrators the edge over security threats."

10x Faster Log Processing, Enhanced Reporting, Pattern-Based Alerting

Using EventLog Analyzer v10, security administrators can process log data at 20,000 logs per second, which is a 10x improvement from the previous mark. The peak event handling capacity is also improved to 25,000 logs per second. EventLog Analyzer features a distributed architecture that is, in effect, infinitely scalable and can manage any number of log sources, thus making it the best choice for organizations of any size. With the growth of IT infrastructure, NOC and SOC administrators can simply add more managed servers to handle the load.

EventLog Analyzer v10 enhances its reporting console and real-time event response system with 1,000+ ready-to-run reports and 500+ predefined alert criteria, respectively.

  • Enhanced reporting console: The reporting console presents the automated reports with an intuitive graphical dashboard that allows users to quickly draw attention to the key log information and drill down into raw log data. The predefined reports for security auditing, user activity monitoring, account management and change management, threat detection and more help meet the security and compliance goals of the organization.
  • Enhanced real-time event response system: The 500+ predefined alert criteria are meticulously drafted and grouped to all but eliminate the need to create a user-defined alert pattern for regular activities. The alert criteria also reduce the time for setting up an alert profile, thus increasing the security administrator's operational efficiency.

With the new correlation rule builder, EventLog Analyzer v10 allows users to create as many attack patterns as possible, such as patterns for password-based attacks, application-based attacks and much more. Security administrators can leverage this pattern-based alerting system and get notified in real time via SMS and email to proactively react to security threats. The correlation rule builder also allows users to specify threshold values for individual rules that are correlated, reducing false positives.

Pricing and Availability

EventLog Analyzer v10 is immediately available for download at The Unlimited Edition with a single installation server for any number of hosts is available for $49,995. With this release, EventLog Analyzer has also introduced a new Workstation Package which is $195 for 100 workstations.

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