ManageEngine Adds VoIP Service Level Monitoring to OpManager

Company continues adding capabilities to its flagship network management application

Austin, Texas, January 13, 2009

ManageEngine, makers of a globally renowned suite of cost effective network, systems & security management software solutions, today announced the availability of the OpManager VoIP Monitor Module. Offering seamless integration with OpManager, the VoIP Monitor Module leverages Cisco IP SLA(Service Level Agreement) technology to monitor and report on key VoIP service performance metrics.

With the VoIP Monitor Module, OpManager extends its fault and performance management capabilities across VoIP infrastructures, providing administrators with a single, unified console, for complete visibility into performance of both data and voice networks, in local area and wide area networks (WANs). The VoIP Monitor dashboard features in-depth bandwidth utilization graphing to facilitate quick troubleshooting of VoIP performance problems.   

“The new VoIP management addition to OpManager provides a clean, centralized monitoring center for your VoIP network,” said Nichole K. Boscia, a Senior Network Engineer at NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Division. “Being able to always view the top call statistics allows you to quickly identify any possible issues. Another key feature is the report section where historical data can be used to view trends in performance.”

“The increasing adoption of VoIP and Video-over-IP for business communications can put the unprepared network administrator in a fix”, said Girish Mathrubootham, Vice-President of ManageEngine. “Apart from the inherited OpManager fault and performance management functionalities, the VoIP Monitor also helps troubleshoot voice quality degradations, maybe due to excessive bandwidth utilization or even a Quality of Service (QoS) policy change. OpManager, with the VoIP Monitor Module, is now also a robust VoIP network monitoring and troubleshooting platform.”  

The OpManager VoIP Monitor Module simulates VoIP traffic and collects VoIP call performance statistics over WAN links. The continuous, active testing of the network infrastructure enables network administrators to gauge the network’s capacity to handle VoIP traffic and facilitates critical alerting mechanisms before actual, real-time VoIP call traffic is affected.

The VoIP Monitor Module features:

  • Proactive, continuous monitoring of VoIP Service Levels: monitored QoS metrics include delay, packet loss, jitter and Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • VoIP call quality monitoring over entire WAN
  • Easy troubleshooting of VoIP problems through bandwidth utilization graphs and QoS reports from Cisco NetFlow monitoring
  • Detailed source and destination VoIP call performance reporting.
  • Extensive VoIP traffic and call performance reports for offline analysis
  • Pre-deployment testing of network capacity and ability to handle VoIP traffic
  • A ‘VoIP template’ for simulating different VoIP traffic loads
  • Automatic configuration of Cisco IP SLAs (Service Level Agreements) in source routers

Pricing and Availability

The ManageEngine VoIP Monitor Module is available now as an add-on to OpManager. Pricing begins at $895 for up to 300 monitors. For pricing of more than 300 monitors, please contact

For more information about the OpManager VoIP Monitor Module, please visit

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