AdventNet Debuts Software for Measuring Business Impact of Technology Infrastructure Performance

Pleasanton, California, October 2, 2002

AdventNet, the leading provider of standards-based J2EE management solutions, today introduced ManageEngine Suite 5, the first and only software framework that allows customers using the Java Management Extensions (JMX) standard to track the business impact of application performance. Now, IT departments can better manage Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) infrastructures, while simultaneously - and actively - driving business results. ManageEngine Suite, which was the first management framework to be certified by Sun Microsystems for use of JMX technology, works with popular management consoles from CA, BMC, HPand IBM Tivoli.

Gartner Dataquest1 estimates the Application Server market will grow 22% annually to reach $3.2 billion by 2006. The wide adoption of J2EE Applications Servers for IT applications is driving a need for J2EE application management. According to Cameron Haight, Research Director at Gartner Group, "Large enterprises using mission-critical software are checking application server management solutions much more carefully to ensure they can maintain high degrees of performance and availability. The good news is that building management into applications is not as difficult as it once was. For application server environments, the Java Management Extensions (JMX) specification is available for adding manageability to Java-based application servers."

"At AdventNet, we believe it is long past time to make infrastructure accountable for how it impacts business performance," said AdventNet's CTO, Dr. Tony Thomas. "We are leading the industry effort to provide management tools powered by the JMX framework, starting with application and systems management. We've taken this process to its natural next step by allowing IT managers to expose the business attributes that are contained within applications and measure the effects."

Mark D. Carlson, VP, Technology at Nexstar Financial Corporation, a provider of mortgage outsourcing solutions for many of the nation's top lenders, as well as a leader in providing corporate and relocation mortgage programs, added, "Our vision is to create - and to use - the best technology to make the home finance process simple, fast, and efficient. We evaluated AdventNet ManageEngine and found its functionality, ease of use, and automation to be a great fit with our needs. The strong support AdventNet provided was a major part of our decision to select their product."

About ManageEngine Suite 5

ManageEngine Suite 5 automates instrumentation for the management of business applications, provides automated tools to build custom consoles, and integrates with existing management consoles. In the past, the process of exposing application attributes (e.g., response time) or functions to be managed required significant time, effort and knowledge. Now, developers can graphically pick attributes (usually represented as Enterprise JavaBeans components) to monitor and measure, creating rules for when IT or even business managers are alerted to kinks in the system. No additional code needs to be written.

As an illustration, the IT manager in charge of a call center may use instrumentation to track staff efficiency in each step of the customer service process using the application. This may include, for instance, tracking use of a knowledge base by staff and how it measurably speeds up customer service.

There are three components to ManageEngine Suite:

  1. JMX Studio: Auto-instruments for application performance and business-level management.
  2. Console Builder: Auto-generates consoles that integrate with existing management consoles.
  3. Applications Manager: An integrated console for systems, middleware and custom applications.

About AdventNet

AdventNet's products enable customized management for networks, systems, and applications. For enterprise IT applications, they fill the gap between infrastructure performance and business performance. To accomplish this, the firm makes a software suite called ManageEngine which, unlike diagnostic or performance tuning tools, uses Sun's JMX framework to collect J2EE application performance statistics covering both system (e.g., transactional throughput) and business attributes (e.g., customers served, revenue generated). The firm sells ManageEngine Suite to independent software vendors and system architects who are responsible for IT infrastructures. AdventNet corporate office is located at Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide. For more information call (925) 924-9500 or visit

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