ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Helps You Get More From Cisco IOS -- to Showcase CBQoS Offering at the Cisco Networkers

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - June 20, 2008) - AdventNet Inc., the leading provider of enterprise IT management software, today announced the release of NetFlow Analyzer 7. The new version now supports reporting on the Cisco CBQoS MIB and will be showcased during the Cisco Networkers in Orlando -- 22nd to 26th June 2008.

In a recent survey of network managers, more than 80% revealed that they already deployed or plan to deploy QoS on their network within a 12-month time frame in order to ensure optimum application performance. In this scenario, a tool that can report on the effectiveness of these QoS policies can be invaluable. NetFlow Analyzer relies on the Cisco CBQoS MIB in order to provide visibility into the pre-policy, post-policy, drops and queuing on each class of traffic on the network.

"By providing a real time usage statistics, NetFlow has empowered us to understand corporate in-house application network requirement and bandwidth usage. That has helped us in capacity planning and imposing required measurements," said Milan Modi ME, Area communication engineer at BAH-AO, Kingdom of Bahrain.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a powerful traffic analysis and network forensic tool that collects Cisco NetFlow, IPFIX and Cisco NBAR data to provide unparallel visibility into your network. With real-time bandwidth usage reports on top applications, conversations, and hosts, NetFlow Analyzer gives valuable insight into bandwidth usage in the enterprise without the complexity and expense involved in deploying hardware probes.

"We constantly strive to align our product with emerging Cisco technologies and our Cisco-oriented approach has helped our customers get the most from the Cisco IOS. Since the CBQoS feature set is an integral part of the IOS, users will be able to derive the benefits without any additional investment," said Raghu Ramanujam, Product Manager AdventNet.

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