OpManager MSP Edition Promises Profitable Recurring Revenue For MSP's

Cost effective remote network monitoring solution from OpManager enables MSPs to monitor unlimited servers, firewalls, routers, switches, URLs, exchanges, and wireless devices for as low as $299 per probe (one time fee)

Pleasanton, Calif., June 12, 2006

AdventNet Inc., the leading provider of affordable network management software, today announced the general availability release of OpManager MSP Edition. The software helps MSPs offer a variety of managed network services such as server monitoring, firewall monitoring, exchange monitoring, router monitoring, wireless monitoring, and custom device monitoring at attractively low price points. Its probe-server architecture uses a secure HTTPs connection and works without requiring any firewall configurations at the clients’ end. Probes monitor unlimited number of devices and cost as low as $299 (one time fee). To download a free trial copy of the solution visit:

Scott Weaver, President of Schema Networks in Orange County, CA has plans to roll out a branded version of OpManager MSP monitoring service using his company’s logo to an initial group of 25 hand-selected customers. Commenting on this he said, “We find the re-branding option very attractive. Our customers can login into the customer portal and see what we monitor for them. The fact that they see a logo of Schema Networks which they are familiar with, certainly makes all the difference.”

Key features in OpManager MSP Edition:

  • Remote network management
  • Secure probe-server communication
  • Unlimited customer login accounts
  • No Firewall configurations required
  • Exchange monitoring
  • Graphical reports
  • Re-branding
  • Competitive upgrade offer for n-able, level platforms, and Kaseya customers

“Managing customer networks remotely via Internet for a flat monthly fee helps service providers spread the initial cost across multiple customers and make profitable recurring revenue. SMBs with less than 100 employees who can’t afford a full time IT team fuel this MSP model. The idea of predictable monthly IT-spend within a budget is preferred by them all,” said Dev Anand, Product Manager for MSP Solutions at AdventNet. “In addition to remote network monitoring software, AdventNet also offers software for patch management, vulnerability scanning, event log analysis, firewall analysis, wireless security, application management, device configuration management, and an integrated help desk, making it a reliable long term partner for an MSP” he added.

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