AdventNet Adds Oracle Application Server Monitoring; Enhances Windows Offerings

Pleasanton, Calif., - May 16, 2006

AdventNet today announced an update to ManageEngine Applications Manager, an affordable web application management software that provides integrated applications and server monitoring. The update includes monitoring capabilities for Oracle Application Server, Windows Event Logs and Tru64 Unix.

Applications Manager provides in depth monitoring of J2EE Application Servers (WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Oracle AS), Microsoft Applications (Micorsoft .NET, SQL Server, Windows, Exchange, Windows Event Logs), IBM Applications (IBM AIX, IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2) custom Java, JMX, J2EE applications and web sites with performance monitoring, fault management and notification.

This update empowers IT Administrators and Operators to monitor the performance and availability of Oracle AS by measuring throughput, Database Connectivity, User Sessions and other critical metrics. With, out of the box reports, understanding trends and capacity planning becomes easier. This addition complements the availability and performance monitoring of Oracle Databases in ManageEngine Applications Manager.

"We were looking for a product that could monitor all platforms and we are glad we found one. But to our surprise ManageEngine Applications Manager could monitor more then we thought of and now we try to use every aspect of this software. The recently added Oracle Application Server monitor is again a very welcome surprise." Said Bjorn Naessens, System Engineer, Roularta IT Solutions. "Notification and alerts allow us to immediately take action. In the past we only knew about problems when users called, now we can warn them instead of the other way around."

"With support for Oracle AS, AdventNet offers deep visibility into the health and performance of Oracle Applications." said Hyther Nizam, Director - Product Management at AdventNet. "This enhancement complements the existing support for Oracle Databases and makes ManageEngine Applications Manager even more attractive for enterprise IT teams to proactively monitor production applications." he added.

The editions available are - a Free Edition, which can manage five applications, a Professional Edition, which helps enterprises cost-effectively manage their IT applications.

Applications Manager can be downloaded from:

Further information on pricing, licensing, and technical support is available online at

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