AdventNet Announces QoS Monitoring Support in Its NetFlow Analyzer

PLEASANTON, California, October 31, 2007

AdventNet Inc., the leading provider of enterprise IT management software, today announced support for QoS Monitoring by adding DSCP mapping to its NetFlow Analyzer. In addition, the user can create their own DSCP Groups to monitor class-based traffic patterns on per DSCP or per DSCP Group basis. With this release, NetFlow Analyzer now enters the arena of QoS Monitoring -- the most crucial aspect of any network performance enhancement activity.

QoS helps enterprises effectively allocate their existing bandwidth for high productivity applications. QoS defines the minimum level of service quality guaranteed for an application and is typically assigned for business critical applications to safeguard them against any kind of bandwidth crunch. An application with a higher QoS gets priority in receiving bandwidth allocation over one with a lower QoS value. DSCP mapping is the latest offering that is much more powerful than the earlier TOS (Type of Service). DSCP helps in verifying lapse in the enforcement of QoS policy like, were the traffic flows, whether packets are correctly labeled and marked as belonging to a particular QoS setting.

NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that collects Cisco NetFlow®, sFlow®, IPFIX® and Cisco NBAR® data exported from routing/ switching devices, to analyze network traffic and report on bandwidth usage across the network. With instant real-time bandwidth usage reports on top applications, conversations, and hosts using bandwidth, NetFlow Analyzer gives valuable insight into bandwidth usage in the enterprise without the complexity and expense involved in deploying hardware and software probes.

"We are delighted with the capabilities of NetFlow Analyzer and the ease with which network device interfaces can be managed or unmanaged. The direct drill-down features for any given device and/or interface being monitored are very convenient. Most significant, in my estimation, is the prompt, courteous and highly technically proficient Technical and Engineering support we have received during our product evaluation process. AdventNet has a good thing going and is extremely competitive," says Denny Gagne an IT Analyst in County of Placer.

"Enterprises that deliver network-based services need end-to-end visibility into the Quality-of-Service (QoS) metrics of voice, video, and data applications. As the only product to offer QoS-based reporting in addition to support for Cisco NBAR, NetFlow Analyzer is an invaluable tool for any enterprise that is implementing QoS," said Raghu Ramanujam , Product Manager for NetFlow Analyzer at AdventNet. "The value delivered is significant both during the pre-deployment assessment and to measure the impact of the QoS deployment," he added.

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