AdventNet Releases Scalable Switch Port Mapper in its Network Monitoring Toolset

PLEASANTON, California, January 29, 2008

AdventNet Inc., a leading provider of enterprise Management Solutions today announced the availability of ManageEngine OpUtils with highly scalable Switch Port Mapping tool capable of mapping over 1000 switches. Switch Port Mapper helps network engineers to automatically map the switch ports to devices and thus eliminates the need of manually tracing the network cables.

Some of the key features of Switch port Mapper include:

  • Multi-vendor switch support, like Cisco, HP, 3Com, Nortel, Foundry, etc.
  • Automatically retrieve VLAN details
  • Map multiple switches simultaneously
  • Option to group switches and map them separately
  • Scheduled scanning of switches; Switches in different groups can be scheduled separately
  • Ability to locate the physical location of the connected device
  • Powerful search using IP Address/MAC/DNS Name/Subnet/Physical Location to get the details of switch ports
  • Mapping details are stored in the database and provides mapping history
  • Port Availability Reports to view the Used and Available ports in all switches
  • Email alert to notify the change in port status as "Available" or "Used"

"Switch Port Mapper is an extremely useful tool that scans the switches and displays port status, MAC Address, IP Address, DNS Name, and VLAN information. The best thing about Switch Port Mapper is that the tool is not vendor specific," says Carl Vonhassel, State of Connecticut Judicial Branch.

"With the strong presence that we have in the market, a scalable solution which addresses the needs of the large enterprises is the logical progression for us" said Mathivanan, Director - Product Development at AdventNet. "We have made every effort to focus on the performance and scalability of Switch Port Mapper to suit the needs of large enterprises" he added.

About ManageEngine OpUtils

OpUtils is a web-based network monitoring toolset that helps network engineers monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot their IT resources. IP Address Management, Rogue Device Detection, Bandwidth Monitoring, SNMP Tools, Cisco Tools, and Network Discovery tools are some of the important tools available in OpUtils.

Availability and Pricing

The latest release of OpUtils can be downloaded directly from our website ( OpUtils offers a 15-day evaluation license of the Professional Edition, and a permanent Free Edition is also made available with limited tools. The price for the Professional Edition starts with $495.

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