AdventNet SNMP Agent Helps Speed Development at Spotwave Wireless

Leading in-building Wireless Coverage solution leverages AdventNet's management software for rapid development

Pleasanton, California, November 10, 2004

AdventNet, Inc., the leading provider of affordable network and systems management software, today announced that Spotwave Wireless has deployed its Agent Toolkit C Edition in its SpotCell™ family of products. Spotwave Wireless is a leading provider of cost-effective, indoor wireless coverage solutions solving coverage problems for enterprises across North America.

AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition offers a comprehensive development suite of testing tools that are intuitive and easy to use for building SNMP, TL1, CLI agents. The kit can also build Multi-Protocol agents with SNMP, TL1, CLI, and HTTP Protocol support in strict ANSI C language. This makes the agent development process simpler and significantly reduces the product's time-to-market. The run-time agent is very modular, portable, and customizable. The source files generated by the Agent Toolkit are ported and tested in operating systems, and are fully supported in Embedded Operating Systems. In addition, AdventNet SNMP Agents provide complete support for SNMPv1, v2c, and v3 protocols, support for Master Sub-Agent architecture, Traps, Informs, and Notifications.

"We selected the AdventNet solution because it provided the only commercially available SNMP V2c compliant agent that supported INFORM type messages," said Steve Allen, Director, Product Development, Spotwave Wireless. "We were able to integrate the AdventNet agent into our application and deploy the run-time solution after a short period of debugging and integration testing on our test platform. This was followed by a successful live trial with our customer, which only required 15 minutes of testing to verify all required functionality."

Spotwave's patent-pending SpotCell family of adaptive indoor wireless coverage solutions eliminate coverage trouble spots within buildings, providing cell phones and other wireless devices with reliable, "always-on" connectivity. SpotCell products extend wireless coverage into areas that were previously inaccessible, and are cost effective, quick and easy to install, and require no maintenance. Furthermore, a range of comprehensive installation services backs the products. Spotwave has been deployed in thousands of enterprise locations across the country in all of the wireless networks of the North American cellular and PCS carriers.

"Spotwave quickly leveraged the AdventNet Agent Toolkit's development environment to develop an SNMP agent for its hardware platform within a short span of ten days. SpotCell™ products eliminate coverage trouble spots and provide cell phones and other wireless devices with reliable indoor wireless coverage," said Rajkumar, Product Manager at AdventNet. "Our agent offered a customized solution adapted to Spotwave's hardware platform and helped reduce their time to market."

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