AdventNet Enhances SNMP Agent Simulation Toolkit with Cisco IOS Simulation

Pleasanton, California, April 4, 2005

AdventNet, Inc., the leading provider of affordable network and systems management software for enterprises, equipment vendors, and service providers, today announced the release of AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 5. The toolkit offers a comprehensive set of agents and network simulation tools to develop and test network management applications, set up powerful demonstrations, and educate the network staff. It simulates Cisco IOS software and does exhaustive evaluation of new management products in multiple operating systems.

AdventNet Simulation Toolkit offers a very comprehensive device environment with support for SNMP, Cisco IOS, TL1, FTP and Telnet protocols in which network engineers, developers and QA professionals can extensively evaluate network management products, simulate network real devices and analyze their impact on network performance. The network behavior customization and inter-protocol behavior captured in the product makes the simulated environment counterbalance the real ones. Simulation Toolkit's Cisco IOS Commands are tailored to be in sync with Cisco Devices. It supports manipulation of network and device properties at runtime seamlessly, and includes command line utilities. In addition, it has the ability to dynamically configure virtual interfaces and has an option to start/stop individual devices. An easy to use GUI enables easy, powerful and complete network simulation.

The New enhanced version of Simulation ToolKit 5 includes:

  • Simulation of Cisco IOS Software
  • Provision to customize and add Cisco IOS commands
  • Telnet protocol support
  • Automated Network Simulation
  • Built-in pre-configured devices
  • Customization of SNMP request/response PDU
  • Device creation using SNMP WALK File
  • Random device addition with multiple device types in bulk
  • Automated modeling of devices to fit into the network, on addition
  • Bulk Modification of network device properties
  • Multiple interfaces for each device and multiple IP addresses for each interface
  • Ease-of-use, scalability and enhanced network performance

"AdventNet Simulation Toolkit helped our enterprise to accurately test and develop SNMP Management Application in a short amount of time," said Toshihiro Yarita, Assistant Director, Node Development Department, DDI POCKET, Inc. "We were able to test the various sequence and capacity, especially with the help of the behavior simulation in Network Designer."

"It just takes a few hours to setup the test environment using the Simulation Toolkit. By using the tool kit, companies can increase their ROI and maximize user productivity as test engineers can focus on their core Management applications. It is tested for 100,000 nodes simulation and all our management application demos are carried without interruption, supported by the Simulation Toolkit," said Manikandan Vembu, VP of Marketing, AdventNet, Inc. "Our Continuous R&D efforts are geared towards enhancing performance and providing highly intuitive, scalable solution for test engineers."

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