AdventNet's WiFi Manager 4 Enhances Security And Streamlines Management For Wi-Fi Networks

Detects more than 40 unique types of security threats, facilitates remote configuration of access points, and monitors wired and wireless networks 24x7

Pleasanton, California, November 30, 2004

AdventNet, Inc. today announced the general availability of ManageEngine WiFi Manager 4, a powerful WLAN management solution that enables IT teams to offer the benefits of Wi-Fi technology to mobile users, while minimizing the associated security risks and administrative workloads.

WiFi Manager reduces the time, effort, and resources required to manage Wi-Fi infrastructures and wired networks across the extended enterprises. It identifies more than 40 types of security threats including "rogue" (unauthorized) access points, attacks, and vulnerabilities in the Wireless networks and it enables IT administrators to manage huge wireless networks from a web-based user interface.

"WiFi Manager is an affordable alternative to high priced WLAN management systems such as Cisco WLSE. WiFi Manager's feature set is very impressive. We recommended WiFi Manager to our clients and the response has been very positive," said Larry Wheeler, CIO of Network Consulting Solutions, a system integrator based in Illinois. "WiFi Manager's capability to monitor both wired and wireless devices is appreciated by our current and potential enterprise customers. Though their network is critical to them, they simply cannot afford huge management applications such as HP Openview or CA UniCenter. WiFi Manager really fits their requirement well, both in terms of functionality and price."

According to market analysts, the size and number of WLAN deployments is on the rise. IT teams have the added responsibility to manage these wireless LANs along with wired networks, without any additional staffing.

IT teams have to choose wireless security and management solutions that help visualize their networks, secure networks from threats, configure devices centrally, and monitor them 24x7. WiFi Manager provides a robust set of features to execute all these tasks with seamless integration of wired and wireless networks.

WiFi Manager supports access points from all major leading vendors including Cisco, Proxim, Symbol, 3Com, Avaya, HP, DELL and others. It can be used in conjunction with RADIUS servers, planning tools and wired management systems. WiFi Manager enables IT administrators to:

  • Secure Wi-Fi environments from potential wireless threats: WiFi Manager identifies all wireless infrastructure components, enabling administrators to identify and block rogue devices easily. It detects wireless threats including intrusions such as rogue access points, attacks such as ASLEAP attack, and vulnerabilities such as a vendor default SSID being used in an access point.
  • Configure multi vendor access points centrally: WiFi Manager configures access points for different parameters including basic settings such as name, ip address, ssid etc., radio settings such as channel, data rate, beacon period etc., security settings such as WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK etc., and access settings including ACL configuration.
  • Monitor wireless and wired networks: WiFi Manager monitors the health and availability of access points, mobile clients, switches, routers, servers, and desktops. Built-in reports provide instantaneous information on security, usage, and performance.

"Security and management are the primary concerns of IT organizations which incorporate wireless technology into their enterprise networks," said Sivaramakrishnan, Product Manager at AdventNet. "WiFi Manager addresses these challenges by helping to identify and eliminate security risks and easing management of Wi-Fi networks from a Web-based user interface. It assists IT in effectively managing and securing their wireless and wired infrastructure in a unified manner -thereby reducing the total cost of ownership."

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AdventNet's WiFi Manager 4 Enhances Security And Streamlines Management For Wi-Fi Networks