ManageEngine Newsletter - December 2010
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What's News :
Top Story: Combat Insider Threats and WikiLeaks-type Security Incidents
Other News:
Applications Manager adjudged as the 'Best Systems Monitoring Product'
Free Ping Tool 2.0: Traceroute your servers and websites
Track every trend of your helpdesk using SupportCenter Plus Dashboards
MSP Center Lite: Create and view tickets in the alarms page
Monitor Mail Round-trip Time from global locations

Combat Insider Threats and WikiLeaks-type Security Incidents
password manager pro
WikiLeaks, the global buzzword today is a rude shock to many, big surprise to some, huge disappointment to a few and a great fun for others. The motive, effects and ramifications aside, WikiLeaks-type exposures perhaps represent the biggest information security threat to Government agencies and enterprises. Malicious insiders are causing this harm by either misusing privileged access or giving credentials to too many un-vetted people who then route them to WikiLeaks or any other media outlet. Lack of well-defined access control policies and enforcement mechanism coupled with haphazard style of privileged password management potentially lie at the root of such security incidents.

One of the effective ways to ensure internal controls and mitigate insider threats is to automate the entire life cycle of Privileged Access Management enforcing best practices. Password Manager Pro, a trusted solution for managing shared administrative passwords precisely helps achieve this.

Try Password Manager Pro now!
Tech Picks
The changing face of internet traffic
In Network Bandwidth management, Bandwidth Monitoring & Traffic Analysis, Network Security Event Monitoring, and Forensic Investigation & Compliance are the three main aspects of the enterprise network. Bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis gives real time...
Year 2010 - A quick roundup
It has been an exciting year at the OpManager bay. With a couple of awards to its credit, OpManager is all set for the next major release in the new year to come. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our users for the wonderful support extended to us...
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Applications Manager adjudged as the 'Best Systems Monitoring Product'
Applications Manager has won Silver in the 'Best Systems Monitoring Product - Editor's Best' category and Bronze in the 'Community Choice' category at the 2010 Windows IT Pro awards. It supports Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, .Net, and other applications.

Free Ping Tool 2.0: Traceroute your servers and websites
Free Ping Tool version 2.0 includes 'Trace Route' feature that provides the full trace path of the server/host internally and externally. It helps you identify network issues such as time out, long trip time, and high round-trip time.

Track every trend of your helpdesk using SupportCenter Plus Dashboards
SupportCenter Plus v7.7 comes with comprehensive dashboard options built on the lines of standard industry KPIs.  The dashboard helps administrators track every changing trend well in advance so that they are better prepared to handle it.

MSP Center Lite: Create & view tickets in the Alarms page
MSP Center Lite hotfix 8102 is released. The new release allows you to create and view tickets from the alarms page. Click here to know the other features and bug fixes that are available in this release.

Monitor Mail Server Round-trip Time from global locations
Site24x7, the website monitoring service, now allows you to monitor mail server round-trip time (RTT) from over 25 different geographical locations. This, along with website and web application monitoring, enables you to effectively monitor your entire web infrastructure. Sign up for a free trial now.
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