ManageEngine Newsletter August 2012
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August 2012
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Top Story ManageEngine Adds "IPFIX with Extensions" to Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine Adds 'IPFIX with Extensions' to Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine released the latest version of its Firewall Log and Configuration Monitoring Software - Firewall Analyzer with advanced functionality that facilitates effortless and effective network security monitoring.

Firewall Analyzer 7.4 - New Feature Highlights

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OpManager v9.2 UNVEILS
World's leading virtualization platform provider relies on Password Manager Pro

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Dropbox hack unveils the absolute need for Password Managers!

In the aftermath of the data breach at Linkedin last month in which over 6.4 million hashed passwords were stolen, we had highlighted the implications of such password compromises in general.....

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Video traffic: Inevitably intensive!

The human brain has different levels of stimulus to different media. The visual appeal always has a long-lasting impact on the human brain and that forms the basis of our quest for exploring increasing number of possibilities of bringing in video into the Enterprise network. It also the reason behind why the entire World is on a race to offer supreme levels of user experience particularly for applications that involve video.

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Pearl Public School District gives an A+ to Desktop Central
Rule out the network factor. Track user experience from branch offices.
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