Snapshot: Nexstar Financial Corporation

Customer: Nexstar Financial Corporation
Industry: Mortgage Service

Snapshot - Nexstar Financial Corporation

"Our vision is to create - and to use - the best technology to make the home finance process simple, fast, and efficient. We evaluated Adventnet ManageEngine and found its functionality, ease of use, and automation to be a great fit with our needs. The strong support AdventNet provided was a major part of our decision to select their product."

- Mark Carlson, VP Technology, Nexstar Financial Corporation

Business Challenge

  • Nexstar wanted to expose some attributes of their application for monitoring
  • Expose attributes without the need to rewrite the code


  • Nexstar chose AdventNet ManageEngine JMX Studio
  • AdventNet ManageEngine JMX Studio enables exposing the attributes without the need to rewrite the application


  • Enable monitoring of attributes without a deep understanding of the technology(JMX)
  • Ease of use in selecting and configuring the attributes of the applications for monitoring