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O365 Manager Plus Features


    Office 365 Management


    Office 365 Reporting


    Office 365 Auditing

Exchange Online Management

Enable/Disable Mailboxes in Bulk

Simply import a list of mailboxes from a CSV file or enter mailbox names directly to enable or disable them. Learn More

Modify SMTP Addresses

Easily add or modify users' primary SMTP addresses and proxy addresses and ensure they all map to the correct mailboxes. Learn More

Set Mailbox Features

Determine how users access mailboxes by enabling or disabling mailbox features, including IMAP, MAPI, POP, OWA for devices, and EWS, for a single mailbox or a group of mailboxes. Learn More

Configure Mail Forwarding

Forward users' emails to other mailboxes and give them the option to retain a copy. Learn More

Configure Mailbox Auto Reply

Enable auto reply for a single mailbox or multiple mailboxes and modify the auto reply message for internal and external recipients. Learn More

Enable/Disable Clutter

Manage Clutter settings for mailboxes in bulk to automatically process email messages and move low priority messages out of the inbox and into the Clutter folder. Learn More

Edit Address Book Policies and Address Lists

Change address policies for multiple mailboxes at once and hide or unhide mailboxes from address lists. Learn More

Change Mailbox Audit Settings

Enable or disable mailbox audit logging to track mailbox access by mailbox owners, delegates, and administrators. Learn More

Activate Litigation Hold

Define Litigation Hold owners and place mailboxes on Litigation Hold indefinitely to preserve all mailbox content, including deleted items and original versions of modified items. Learn More

Edit Mailbox Delegation Settings

Add or remove the delegation permissions users have over other mailboxes and modify the permission type as needed. Learn More

Enable or Disable Email for Public Folders

Mail-enable or mail-disable Exchange Online public folders in bulk. Learn More

Modify Contact Attributes

Bulk edit users' general attributes, contact information, and organization-related attributes in your Exchange Online environment. Learn More

Azure Active Directory Management

Reset Passwords

Import a list of users whose passwords you would like to reset, or search for specific users and reset their passwords manually. Enter a specific password, or let O365 Manager Plus assign a random password. Learn More

Delete or Restore Users

Delete unwanted user accounts or restore previously deleted user accounts. Select user accounts manually or import a list of users using a CSV file. Learn More

Block or Unblock Users

Block or unblock users either individually or in bulk with just a few clicks. Delete or restore users imported from a list instantly from your Azure AD. Learn More

Edit Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Settings

Configure the MFA settings for a list of users imported or selected manually. Choose to enable/disable MFA and select the MFA methods that each user can use, and choose a default MFA method for selected users. Learn More

Manage Address Attributes

Modify users' address attributes in bulk. Set different values for address attributes while modifying them in bulk. Learn More

Modify User Attributes

Edit address and contact attributes, and change users' managers, domains, and MFA techniques in bulk. Learn More

Manage Azure AD Groups

Manage all your Azure AD groups and configure group properties from a single window. Configure which kinds of senders (internal, external, or both) can email groups. Learn More

Administer Office 365 Licenses

Import a CSV file to assign Office 365 licenses to multiple users at once, or assign licenses individually. Remove licenses assigned to all users in a single click. Learn More

Manage Contacts

Delete long lists of contacts by importing a CSV file. Edit users' general attributes, contact information, and other contact attributes in your Azure AD. Learn More

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