Schedule Reports

This section allows you to schedule reports to be generated at the time specified by you. You can also configure the product to mail the generated reports to the administrators.

From this section, you can:

To schedule a new report

Attribute Description
Scheduler Name Enter a unique name to identify this schedule
Description Enter a description corresponding to the schedule name.
Office 365 tenant Select the Office 365 tenant from the drop down. The Drop Down lists all configured Office 365 tenants.

Scheduler Creation

Once you have named the scheduler, entered its description and the Office 365 tenant where the schedule is to be run is defined, the actual scheduler creation needs to be done.

Select Reports Select a report from the list of all "Available Reports" that you wish to schedule under the given "Scheduler Name". Both default and User defined Reports can be added to the "Selected Reports" by clicking on the "Add>>" link.
Schedule Report Frequency The "Selected Reports" can be scheduled on a 'Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly' or 'Hourly' basis.
Schedule Report Format The Scheduled Reports can be stored in 'pdf', 'xls', 'html', or 'csv' formats. They are stored at the "File Storage Path", which can be modified by clicking on the "File Storage Path" link.
Email Notification The scheduled report can be e-mailed to any email-id entered in the "specify email address" box on providing a check against "Email this scheduled report".

Modify an existing scheduler

Delete an existing scheduler