Streamlining Office 365 user life cycle management using automation.

Managing the life cycle of Office 365 users is challenging. Admins are often bogged down by routine requests for user onboarding, password resets, role and permission changes, deprovisioning, and more. 

A Gartner study finds that 20-50% of all help desk calls are for password resets, taking up the lion's share of an admin's time in most of the organizations. If admins are using the native Office 365 management tools these tasks have to be performed manually, taking up valuable time and introducing the risk of human errors like privilege escalation and denial of rightful access. 

In this ebook, we'll discuss the challenges involved in user life cycle management, and how admins can use automation to overcome the challenges they face.

This ebook will cover solutions for tackling challenges with:

  • User onboarding
  • User offboarding
  • Entitlement creep
  • Just-in-time access
  • Loss in productivity due to repetitive tasks

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