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O365 Manager Plus Release Notes

Release notes for build 4210 (Aug 14, 2018)


  • Global Search: Users can now easily locate reports, management capabilities, audit/alert profiles, articles on topics that you need assistance for, and anything across O365 Manager Plus from a single search box.
  • Users Without Photo Report: With this report view the list of mailbox users who do not have a profile picture.

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Release notes for build 4209 (Aug 3, 2018)


  • Support for MFA-enabled accounts: In Tenant Settings, users can now configure MFA-enabled Office 365 and federated accounts using app password.
  • Create custom monitoring profiles:
    1. In addition to the default monitoring profiles, create custom profiles to monitor selected components of Office 365 services.
    2. Configure real-time email alerts while creating custom profiles, to know about incidents or advisories in selected components.


  • Tenant Settings: Identifying and troubleshooting the issues in tenant settings has been made easier with the enhanced UI.

Bug fix

  • Issues faced while generating OneDrive for Business and Azure AD reports have been fixed.

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Release notes for build 4208 (July 13, 2018)


  • Disk space usage alerts: Audit logs, reports, and other product related data consume space in the installation drive. With the new feature, users can:
    1. View the product's disk space usage statistics.
    2. Configure the minimum threshold for the free disk space in the installation drive.
    3. Choose to receive alerts when the free disk space goes below the set threshold limit in the installation drive.
  • Product and event notifications: Administrators will now receive email notifications on new build releases and upcoming webinars and workshops.


  • User attributes like Location, Contact Number, Country, and more have been added to the mailbox reports.
  • Captcha image (word verification image) has been added for a more secure login.

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Release notes for build 4207 (Jun 29, 2018)


  • Monitor background job status: Users can now view the status of background jobs like report generation, mailbox/user management, report scheduling, and more.

Bug fix

  • Issue faced while generating Messages by Subject report has been fixed.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4206 (Jun 21, 2018)


  • Archive and restore audit logs: Historical audit data of all Office 365 services can be now be archived, and restored at your convenience in a single click.

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Release notes for build 4205 (Jun 1, 2018)

Bug fix

  • Data retrieval issue in Mail Trace audit profile has been fixed.

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Release notes for build 4204 (May 22, 2018)


  • Language support: O365 Manager Plus is now available in Japanese.

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Release notes for build 4203 (May 9, 2018)


  • Inbox rule report: This new report will list all the inbox rules created by users, along with the complete details of the rules.
  • Set mailbox storage threshold and retention period:
    1. Specify the maximum storage limit at which the users must be prohibited from sending emails, and the storage limit at which warning must be issued to them.
    2. Specify retention period for the deleted mailbox items.
  • File audit actions: 3 new actions in OneDrive for Business can now be audited:
    1. Extended File Accesses
    2. Extended File Views
    3. Extended File Modifications


The following management task has been enhanced.

  • Enable/Disable Mailbox Archive - Enable or disable mailbox archiving for multiple mailboxes in a single window, and configure custom names for mailbox archives.

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Release notes for build 4202 (Apr 19, 2018)


  • Manage better with reports: Generate detailed reports on mailboxes, users, and groups, and manage the desired objects right from the reports, using the built-in management options.
  • Export management task status: You can now  export or email the status of the management tasks you perform in PDF, CSV, HTML, or XLS format.
  • Bulk select options: Select any number of users or mailboxes you want to manage in a single click without any restriction.
  • Bulk Group Members Management: The following features have been introduced to add new members and remove existing members from groups in bulk.
    1. Add/remove distribution list members.
    2. Add/remove mail-enabled security group members.
    3. Add/remove Office 365 group members.
  • Archiving Disabled Mailboxes Report: Provides the list of archiving disabled mailboxes.
  • Exchange Online Users Report: Get the list of all users with details of their mailbox attributes.
  • UI revamp: Executing management tasks becomes simpler with the enhanced UI.


  • Enhanced bulk mailbox management tasks:
    1. Modify Mailbox Permission - Modify multiple mailbox permissions of different groups of users at the same time.
    2. Mailbox Message Size Restriction - Set maximum size for the mails that can be sent and received by users, and choose to block mails from particular senders.
    3. Configure Mailbox Auto Reply  - Create auto reply messages using rich-text editor.
    4. Modify Mailbox Custom Attributes - Modify multiple custom attributes of multiple users at a time without CSV.
    5. Set Litigation Hold - Configure Litigation Hold URL and notes.
    6. Set Exchange Roles - Add/remove multiple roles of multiple users at a time.
    7. Delegate Mailboxes - Add/remove multiple delegate permissions (Send As, Send on Behalf, and full access) of multiple users at a time.
  • Enhanced bulk user management tasks:
    1. Reset Password - You can now choose the Password Never Expires option while resetting users' passwords.
    2. MFA Settings - Enforce users to configure multi-factor authentication.
    3. Group Accept Mail From - Restrict groups from accepting mails from particular users.
  • Enhanced bulk contacts management tasks:
    1. Modify Contact Custom Attributes - Set multiple custom attributes for multiple contacts without CSV.  

Issues Fixed

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Issue in configuring the ActiveSync feature while setting mailbox features.
  • Issue in the reports scheduler that prevented users from configuring the time period for the report data.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4201 (Mar 30, 2018)

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Issues faced while managing O365 Manager Plus licenses.
  • Data mismatch in Mailbox Size and Inactive Exchange Users reports.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4200 (Mar 20, 2018)

O365 Manager Plus adds the capability to monitor the health and performance of Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and ten other Office 365 services, all from a single console.

New Features

  • Office 365 Service Health Monitoring for major Office 365 services, 24x7. Sends out real-time email alerts when a service degradation is detected.
  • Endpoint Health Monitoring to track the health and performance of service endpoints to keep track of their availability.

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Release notes for build 4119 (Mar 13, 2018)


  • O365 Manager Plus now provides the option to export reports as password protected documents.

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Release notes for build 4118 (Feb 26, 2018)


  • O365 Manager Plus now supports management of Office 365 tenants configured in independent Azure cloud deployments, including Azure Germany, Azure China, and Azure US government.


  • You can now forward Office 365 audit logs to any Syslog server in Common Event Format (CEF) for better analysis and visualization.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4117 (Feb 19, 2018)


  • O365 Manager Plus can now be integrated with  ManageEngine Log360.

New Report

  • ActiveSync Enabled Mailboxes - Get the list of mailboxes that are allowed to sync with mobile devices using the ActiveSync protocol.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4116 (Jan 15, 2018)


  • 2 new reports on distribution lists.
    • Inactive Distribution Lists by Last Sent Mail: Get details of the inactive distribution lists based on their last sent mail activity.
    • Inactive Distribution Lists by Last Mail Activity: Get details of the inactive distribution lists based on their last mail activity (mail sent or received).
  • 12 new audit actions to track Microsoft Teams' events such as the addition, removal, and update of bots, tabs, members, and connectors.


  • Maximize graphs: Option to maximize and get a better view of the graphs in reporting and auditing sections.

Issue fixed

  • SSL issue in Chrome browser.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4115 (29 Dec, 2017)


Yammer auditing and reporting capabilities: You can audit and generate alerts on 17 actions in Yammer which fall under the following categories:

  • User Activities: Audit groups and messages, created and deleted, along with the files created, modified, deleted, renamed, and viewed by users.
  • Settings Changes by Admin: Audit network, security, and profile related modifications made by admins, along with hard/soft delete settings modified, users suspended, and data exported by them.

New Reports

10 new reports on Yammer

  • Yammer Events Log - Get audit details on all user activities in Yammer.
  • Yammer Group Created - Get details on Yammer groups created by users.
  • Yammer Group Deleted - Get details on groups deleted from Yammer.
  • Yammer Message Deleted - Get details on Yammer messages deleted by users.
  • Yammer File Created - Get details on Yammer files created by users.
  • Yammer File Downloaded - Get details on Yammer files downloaded by users.
  • Yammer File Shared - Get details on Yammer files shared by users.
  • Yammer File Description Updated - Get details on Yammer file descriptions changed by users.
  • Yammer File Renamed - Get details on Yammer files renamed by users.
  • Yammer File Viewed - Get details on Yammer files viewed by users.

8 new reports on Skype for Business

  • Skype Licensed Users - Get details on licensed Skype for Business users
  • Skype Dial-in Users - Get the list of dial-in users with their numbers in Skype for Business along with the details on the audio conference ID, provider, and more.
  • Skype Removed Users - Get details on Skype for Business users whose licenses have been removed recently.
  • Session Details - Get details on audio and video sessions carried-out by users in Skype for Business.
  • Skype Numbers - Get details on user and service numbers being used in your organization in Skype for Business.
  • Voice-enabled Users - Get details on voice-enabled users with their telephone number, location, and more.
  • Auto Attendant Details - Get details on auto attendants configured, with details on the destination telephone number, language ID, status of the attendant, and more.
  • User PSTN Settings - Get details on voice enabled users' PSTN settings in Skype for Business.


  • Expand Graph option is now available in the dashboard to expand and view the graphs more clearly

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Release notes for build 4113 (7 Dec, 2017)

New Feature

Automatic O365 Manager Plus license management:

  • Enable tenant-based schedulers to automate O365 Manager Plus license management.
  • Customize your schedulers to manage and unmanage selected users using advanced filters.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4112 (14 Nov, 2017)

New Feature

Log Forwarder : O365 Manager Plus can now be integrated with SIEM solutions such as Splunk, and Syslog Servers to forward Office 365 audit logs.

New Reports:

Two new reports on  Exchange Online

  • Active Mobile Devices Report: Get details on the list of devices in your organization that have active Exchange ActiveSync partnerships.
  • Migration Users Report: Get details on the migration status of users in migration batches.

New Management Task

  • Mailbox Naming Attribute Changes: Modify in bulk, the mailbox naming attributes namely alias, simple display name, identity and name.

New Audit/Alert Actions

The following actions can now be audited under the below mentioned categories:

  • OneDrive Sharing Activities - Added permission level to site collection, blocked sharing invitation, broke permission level inheritance, broke sharing inheritance, modified permission level on site collection,removed permission level from site collection, and restored sharing inheritance.
  • OneDrive File and Folder Activities - Deleted file from recycle bin, deleted file from second-stage recycle bin, detected malware in file, recycled all minor versions of file,recycled all versions of file, recycled version of file, and viewed page.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4111 (13 Oct, 2017)


  • High Availability: Designate a standby server to maintain high availability during unscheduled downtime.

New Reports:

Azure AD Role Administration

  • Recently Added Member to Role - Gives details on users added to the admin role.
  • Recently Removed Member from Role - Gives details on users deleted from admin role.
  • Updated Company Contact Information- Gives details on updated company contact information.

Azure AD Group

  • Recently Added Members to Groups - Shows details on recently added members of a group.
  • Recently Removed Members from Groups - Shows details on users recently removed from groups.
  • Group Settings Creation - Gives details on group settings created.
  • Group Settings Modification - Gives details on modified group settings.
  • Group Settings Deletion - Gives details on deleted group settings.

Azure AD Password

  • Recently Password Reset Users - Gives audit details on password reset.
  • Recently Password Changed Users- Gives audit details on password changes.Gives audit details on reset user passwords.
  • Forced Password Change - Gives audit details on property set by admins that forces users to change passwords.
  • Updated User Credentials - Gives details on updated user credentials.

Azure AD Applications

  • Application Audit Log - Gives details on admin activities that are logged when an admin adds or changes an application that's registered in Azure AD.

Issue fixed:

  • Issue while importing CSV files with Byte Order Mark characters.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4110 (21 Sep, 2017)


  • PowerBI auditing and alerting: Audit and get alerts on 20+ critical events in Power BI including added group members, created dashboards, created groups, viewed reports, and more.

Issue fixed:

  • Issue in reports scheduler which failed to attach the saved reports while sending it via email.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4109 (8 Sep, 2017)

Highlights: 12 new management tasks and 20 new reports

New Management Tasks:

Bulk Group Creation

  • Create Office 365 Groups - Create Office 365 groups in bulk.
  • Create Distribution Groups - Create distribution groups in bulk.
  • Create Mail-Enabled Security Groups - Create mail-enabled security groups in bulk.

Bulk Contact Creation

  • Create Bulk Contacts - Create contact objects in bulk.

Bulk User Management

  • Modify Naming Attributes - Modify the naming attributes of users.
  • Modify Contact Attributes  - Modify the contact attributes of users.

Bulk Contact Modification

  • Hide / Unhide Contacts - Hide or unhide contacts from GAL in bulk.
  • Modify Contact Custom Attributes - Modify the custom attributes of contacts.

Bulk Group Modification

  • Hide / Unhide Groups - Hide or unhide groups from GAL in bulk.
  • Modify Group Custom Attributes - Modify the custom attributes of groups.
  • Delete Groups - Delete existing Office 365, distribution, and mail-enabled security groups.

Mailbox Management

  • Modify Custom Mail Attributes - Edit the custom mail attributes in bulk.

New Reports:

License Reports

  • Licensed Users by Service Status - View all available licensed users based on services used.
  • Licensed Groups - View all available groups with Office 365 license.
  • Licensed Group Members - This report shows users, who are all licensed because of being  a member of a licensed group.

Mailbox Account Status Reports

  • Send As Permission - View the list of users, mailboxes, contacts, and other objects with send-as permission.
  • Send on Behalf Permission - View the list of users, mailboxes, contacts, and other objects  with send on-behalf permission

Applications Reports

  • Azure AD Applications - View all available Azure AD applications.
  • Enterprise Applications - View all available Azure AD enterprise applications.
  • Web Applications - View all available Azure AD web applications.
  • Native Applications - View all available Azure AD native applications.
  • Deleted Applications - View all deleted Azure AD applications.
  • Objects by Enterprise Apps - View all available objects created by enterprise applications.

Azure AD Devices Reports

  • Azure AD Registered Devices - View all available devices registered to Azure Active Directory
  • Registered Device Vs Owners - View all owners of devices registered to Azure Active Directory.
  • Registered Device Vs Users - View all users of devices registered to Azure Active Directory.

Contacts Reports

  • All Mail Contacts - View the list of all mail contacts.
  • Contacts with Owners - View the list of contact objects with owners.

Group Type Reports

  • Office 365 Groups - View the list of Office 365 groups.

User General Reports

  • User Created Objects - Gives details on groups and service principles created by users.
  • Users with Validation Error - Shows details of users with validation error.
  • Users with DirSync Provisioning Error - Shows details of users with DirSync provisioning error.


  • Added new custom attribute columns and extension attribute columns in Mail Enabled Security Groups and Distribution Groups reports.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue faced while generating Room Mailbox Events report, missing columns issue in OWA Logon by Browser and OS report, and issues in Mailbox Forward-to management task have been fixed.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4108 (21 Aug, 2017)


  • For Help Desk Delegation, O365 Manager Plus now supports,
    • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled accounts.
    • Federated accounts.
    • Third party IdP accounts.
  • Rest API access can now be configured for Office 365 tenants from O365 Manager Plus.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4106 (1 Aug, 2017)


O365 Manager Plus introduces Help Desk Delegation with the following capabilities,

  • Help Desk Technician: Create technicians to delegate tasks to non-administrative users to reduce the workload of AD admins.
  • Help Desk Roles: Create your own custom roles by selecting any combination of reporting, management, and auditing tasks to delegate.
  • Cross-tenant Delegation: Delegate the rights of one Office 365 tenant to another to make sure critical tasks are always taken care of.
  • Domain-based Delegation: Create roles with domain specific tasks to manage multiple domains effectively.
  • Technician Audit Report: Audit activities of technicians which would be reflected in Office 365 setup with this granular report.

Issue Fixes

  • Missing data issue in distribution lists' Email Activity and Last Mail Received reports is fixed.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4105 (17 Jul, 2017)


Password Expiration Notification

O365 Manager Plus introduces, password expiration notification for Office 365 users. 

  • Schedule group based or domain based password expiration notifications.
  • Configure, how many days prior to password expiration, the notifications must be sent.
  • Set the frequency of notifications (weekly, daily, or on specific days).
  • Customize the message to be sent along with the notification.
  • Notify managers about the password expiration of users.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4104 (04 Jul, 2017)


New Management tasks: Now you can create user accounts in bulk with O365 Manager Plus

  • User Creation with License: Create bulk users with license using CSV import.
  • User Creation without License: Create bulk users using CSV import without assigning licenses.

New Reports: 3 new reports on Exchange Online 

  • Mailbox Folder Permission: Get details on current folder-level permission status in mailboxes.
  • Room Mailbox Usage Details: Get details on room booking duration and usage time.
  • Calendar Folder Permission: Get details on current folder-level permission status in calendar. 

New Audit/Alert Actions: The following new actions can now be audited under the below mentioned categories

  • Azure AD Group: Audit group creation, modification and deletion activities with utmost detail.
  • Exchange Online User Activities: Get audit details on folders accessed by users. (Folder Bind) 
  • OneDrive File and Folder Activities: Audit folders created, modified, deleted, moved, renamed, copied, and restored, You can also get details on files deleted in different stages of recycle bin.


Export Enhancement: The export feature has been enhanced to improve user experience.

  • The design has been improved for a user friendly appeal.
  • Now the graphical representation of the reports can also be exported.
  • Export option is now available for dashboard graphs along with embed option.

Enhanced Reports:

  • Inactive Distribution List and Distribution List Mail Summary Report: New UI component has been added to fetch data older than 7 days.
  • License Details Report: A new column showing the remaining available license count has been added.
  • User Based Reports: New columns to display User Identity and Proxy Address have been added to all user based reports.

Enhanced Management Tasks:

  • Mailbox Audit Settings: Soft delete mailbox option has been added.
  • Mailbox Features Settings: New option to enable\disable ActiveSync policy has been added. 

Issue Fixed

The data fetching issue in shared mailbox activities report has been fixed.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4103 (15 May, 2017)


Microsoft Teams audit and alert: Two audit and alert categories have been added for Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft Teams Events: Track events such as channels added, teams created, teams deleted, and users signed in to Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams Settings Changes: Shows the details of channel changes, team changes, and organization level changes in Microsoft Teams.


Enhanced license management: The following enhancements have been made to simplify management of the product’s license:

  • CSV import: Apply or revoke the product license of specific users by importing a CSV file containing the list of users.
  • Apply filters to easily search for users during license management.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4102 (26 Apr, 2017)


  • CPU usage has been optimized for better performance.

Issues fixed:

  • Login failure issue faced by users logging in as technicians using their Office 365 credentials.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4101 (19 Apr, 2017)


Audit and Alert

5 new profile category in Exchange Online

  • Malware Detection - Audit emails containing malware along with details such as received time, sender, recipient and more.
  • Spam Detection - Get audit details on emails marked as spam along with details such as received time, sender, recipient, and more.
  • DLP Policy Matches - Provides audit details of emails that match DLP policies.
  • Transport Rule Matches - Provides audit details on emails that match transport rules.
  • Mail Trace - Shows audit details on successfully delivered emails, failed emails, pending emails, and emails sent to groups and public folders.


18 new reports on Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory

  • Dynamic Distribution Group Members - Get details on members of dynamic distribution groups.
  • Room Mailbox Events - Get details on calendar events of room mailboxes.
  • Room Mailbox Booking Count - Shows the booking count of each room mailbox.
  • Room Mailbox Configuration - Get details on room mailbox configurations.
  • Calendar Log Events - Get details on all calendar events.
  • Recently Created Calendar Events - Shows the details of calendar events that were created in the past 'x' days.
  • Recently Modified Calendar Events - Shows the details of calendar events that were modified in the past 'x' days.
  • Recently Deleted Calendar Events - Shows the details of calendar events that were deleted in the past 'x' days.
  • User with Empty Attributes - Get details on users with null attribute value.
  • User with Same Attribute Values - Get details on users with same attribute values.
  • Mail Activity by Connector - Get details on emails sent and received using connectors.
  • Connectors - Get details on all connectors.
  • Sharing Invitation Activities - Get details on sharing invitations created, accepted and deleted.
  • Sharing Revoked Activities - Know about revoked sharing permissions.
  • Sharing Activities - Shows the details of files and folders that were shared including to whom it was shared and when.
  • Anonymous Link Activities - Get details about anonymous links created, modified, and deleted.
  • Access Request Activities - Know about access requests sent, accepted, and denied.
  • Company Link Activities - Get details about company-wide links created, modified, and deleted.


  • Custom attributes: Added 15 Exchange Online custom attribute and 5 extension custom attributes.
  • Additional columns: Added new columns like Company, Direct Reports, User Account Property, Previous Recipient Type, and more in user based reports.
  • Embed alerts: Now you can embed alerts in dashboards to keep a constant check.
  • Custom URI settings: Now you can use custom URI to configure product settings.
  • Profile creation: You can now choose how the target and caller should match while creating a new profile.
  • Performance improvements: Performance improvements have been done in mail traffic based reports.

Bug Fixes:

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Timezone difference issue that was present in audit reports.
  • Issues faced while editing profiles only with groups.
  • Account configuration issue due to the applied group policy.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4100 (16 Mar, 2017)


Office 365 management, audit and alert features to aid you in holistic Office 365 administration.

Exchange Online Management: Handle mailboxes in bulk to eliminate redundant actions and save time.

  • Mailbox management: Handle mailbox litigation hold settings, permission settings, address list changes, mailbox feature settings, and more.
  • Public folder management: Enable or disable email for public folders. Delete unwanted public folders in bulk instead of removing them individually.
  • Shared mailbox management: Enable or disable shared mailboxes. Handle mailbox permission changes, configure auto reply messages, configure Litigation Hold changes, and more.

Azure Active Directory Management: Manage Azure Active Directory with its repository of users cautiously.

  • User management: Block, unblock, delete, and restore users in bulk. Edit users' contact and address attributes and change their managers and domains from one place.
  • License management: License management is made easy with our simple user interface. You can assign, remove, or modify licenses in bulk with a single click.
  • Group management: Configure email settings for all your Active Directory groups. Choose which types of senders (internal, external, or both) groups can receive emails from.
  • Contacts management: Alter contact attribute values in bulk. O365 Manager Plus lets you add multiple values while bulk editing contacts.

Exchange Online Auditing - With this feature, keep track of:

  • Non-owner mailbox accesses, admin activities, and mailbox delegations to check for malicious activities.
  • Owner, non-owner, and admin activities on Exchange Online groups, group delegations, emails sent as groups, and more.
  • Contacts created, modified, or deleted by users.
  • Public folders created, modified, or deleted by users.
  • Any changes made to critical mailbox permissions.

Azure Active Directory Auditing - With this feature, keep track of - With this feature, keep track of:

  • Failed logon attempts due to an invalid username or password, which are indicators of brute force attacks.
  • Password and license changes made by users.
  • Recently created, modified, or deleted user accounts and user groups.
  • Group membership changes.

OneDrive for Business Auditing - With this feature, keep track of:

  • Files created, modified, deleted, renamed, or moved—with details on who did what action and when.
  • Sharing invitations, accepted and rejected access requests, and created, accepted, and deleted file sharing activities.
  • Partially and fully downloaded files, as well as uploaded files.
  • Synced devices and more.

Sway activities Auditing - With this feature, keep track of:

  • Sways created, modified, or deleted by users.
  • Sways shared externally by users.
  • Sways which can be duplicated and shared.
  • Sways with sharing scopes, permissions, and more that have been changed.

Auditing for Compliance Management - With this feature, keep track of:

  • Security searches and created, modified, or deleted compliance security filters.
  • Created, modified, or deleted Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and retention compliance policies.
  • New case hold policies, DLP matches, activity alerts, users, and groups.
  • Management role groups that are created or deleted, including their members, and more.

Office 365 Alerting - Get notified about critical activities and changes happening in your Office 365 environment with custom alerts for each Office 365 service. O365 Manager Plus lets you:

  • Create custom alerts for specific actions.
  • Specify whether all mailboxes or only select mailboxes need to be monitored for suspicious activity.
  • Create your own custom alert messages to send to administrators.
  • Email administrators about which action triggered an alert to help them locate the source of the action immediately.

Bug fixes:

  • Data mismatch problem in Group members based reports, Mail activity based reports, Folder message count and size report has been fixed.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4014 (10 Feb, 2017)


2 new reports on Exchange Online for easy mailbox license management.

  • Licensed Mailboxes - Shows mailboxes that have been assigned Exchange Online license.
  • Unlicensed Mailboxes - Shows mailboxes that haven't been assigned Exchange Online license.


  • The need for generating each and every report has been reduced, since
    • Once a report is successfully generated, the other derived reports will also be updated
    • The data will be updated irrespective of the technician who generated it.

Issues fixed:

  • While you try to edit the settings of an already scheduled report, default values were displayed instead of the previously saved values. This has been fixed

How to update?

Release notes for build 4013 (9 Jan, 2017)


  • Office 365 compliance reports – Now ensure security of your Office 365 environment and easily comply with IT regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, GLBA, and FISMA with purpose-built reports.

Release notes for build 4012 (23 Dec, 2016)


  • Business hours filters: Now view important events based on business hours or non-business hours through filters.
  • Last Mail Received (new report): Shows the date and time of the last mail received by distribution lists and mail-enabled security groups.


  • New report filtering options:The following filtering options are now supported to enhance the data analysis process.
    • Date – filter reports based on a particular day or custom date range.
    • Multi values – enter comma separated values for a column to filter the reports.
    • Conditions – new set of conditions to filter the reports.

Release notes for build 4011 (8 Dec, 2016)


  • High availability support to ensure minimal downtime.

    Note: Available only when integrated with AD360.


  • Now get detailed information on emails sent and received, both internally and externally, in Email Activity by Users report.
  • Archive Mailboxes report now shows you the archive status of each mailbox.

Issues fixed:

  • Issue which caused a session time out error during Exchange Online report generation.
  • Missing columns while exporting reports.

How to update?

Release notes for build 4010 (15 Nov, 2016)


  • 13 new reports on Exchange Online and Azure AD, to provide you complete visibility on Office 365.
    • Room Mailboxes - Gives the email address, user principal name, alias and other details of existing room mailboxes.
    • Equipment Mailboxes - Gives the email address, user principal name, alias and other details of existing equipment mailboxes.
    • Users with Photo - Lists the details of mailbox users who have a display picture.
    • Dynamic Distribution Group - Gives details on groups which have prescribed conditions, that must be satisfied, to be a member of them.
    • Distribution List Members - Lists the members of distribution groups with their name, group in which they are member of, email address, and more.
    • Groups with Disabled Members - Lists the groups with disabled users as members.
    • Users not in Groups - Lists the users who are not members of any group.
    • Recent Successful Logon - Lists the users with successful logon attempts with details on, when they did it, client IP and more.
    • User to User Email Activity - Gives details on inbound and outbound emails, delivered and undelivered emails, on a user to user basis.
    • Email Activity by Group - Gives details on distribution groups with the number of inbound and outbound emails, their respective sizes and more.
    • Users in Multiple Groups - Gives details on users who are members of multiple groups.
    • Recent Logon Failure - Gives details about the users who faced logon failures and the reason for it, in the past 'n' days.
    • User Logon Activity - Gives a summary of logon attempts by users and their status.


  • Report menu UI enhancement for easier navigation:
    • Now you can view the list of all reports available, in the main window, when you select the reports menu.
    • New pane in the top which lists all the categories of reports available.
    • See similar reports listed in the left pane every time you select a report.

Release notes for build 4009 (27 Oct, 2016)


  • 45 new reports to give you complete visibility into Office 365. Some of the important reports include:
    • Distribution List Message by Subject - shows the subject of the mails received by distribution lists, their size, sender details and more, in the past 7 days.
    • Mail Enabled Public Folders Items - gives the mail enabled public folders' details on items present, their size, when were they created, and more.
    • Public Folder Activity - gives an audit trail of user activities on public folders.
    • Undelivered Emails - gives details about the undelivered emails in the past 7 days.
    • Spam Detections - shows mails marked as spam along with details such as received time, sender, recipient, and more.
    • Skype User Activities - shows how users have used Skype for Business over a period of month.
    • Recently Created Users - gives details about the users accounts that were created in the past 'n' days.
    • Recently Deleted Users - gives details about the user accounts that were deleted in the past 'n' days.
    • Group Creation Report - gives details about the groups that were created and the user who created it in the specified duration.
    • Group Deletion Report - gives details about the groups that were deleted and the user who deleted it in the specified duration.
    • Show all new reports

Release notes for build 4008 (18 Oct, 2016)


  • 10 new reports to give you complete details on contacts and password expiration status of users.
    • Audit log - shows all the contacts, and the users who created, modified,and deleted them in the specified duration.
    • New contacts report - shows the new contacts added in the specified duration.
    • Modified contacts - shows the contacts modified in the specified duration.
    • Deleted contacts - shows the contacts deleted in the specified duration.
    • Inactive contacts - shows the contacts which have been inactive for the past 7 days.
    • Contacts activity - shows details on mails sent and received by all the contacts in the past 7 days.
    • Never expiring passwords - shows users whose passwords never expire.
    • Soon to expire passwords - shows users whose passwords expire within 'n' days.
    • Password expired users - shows users whose passwords have expired.
    • User authentication - shows whether the users have enabled multi-factor authentication or not, their email IDs, mobile numbers, and more.


  • Now you can add Azure accounts under administrator settings even if they are not associated with Office 365.
  • Rebranding option: Customize the product logo to suit your needs.
  • Customize the description and logo while exporting reports.
  • Send the reports immediately to any email address.
  • Printable view for reports.

Issues fixed:

  • Out of memory error has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4007 (Sep 2016)

Issue fixed:

  • Issue in configuring Office 365 accounts and generating Exchange Online reports when the proxy settings are not configured.

Release notes for build 4005 (Sep 2016)


  • 18 new reports to give you a complete picture of shared mailboxes, public folders, and user activities in Exchange Online environments.

    Shared mailboxes Reports

    • Shared mailboxes - shows all the shared mailboxes in Exchange Online.
    • Shared mailbox access - shows who accessed what shared mailbox and when.
    • Send as shared mailbox - shows send as activities in shared mailboxes including when and by whom the activity was performed.
    • Shared mailbox activities - shows who performed what action and when on shared mailboxes.
    • Shared mailbox size – shows the size of shared mailboxes and other related details.
    • Inactive shared mailboxes – shows all the shared mailboxes that have not been logged on in the past ‘n’ days as specified by you.
    • Top used shared mailbox – shows shared mailboxes with the highest number of inbound and outbound emails.
    • Mails sent by shared mailbox – shows details of email messages sent from shared mailboxes such as recipient, subject, received time, etc.
    • Mails received by shared mailbox – shows details of email messages sent to shared mailboxes such as sender, subject, received time, etc.
    • Email activity by shared mailbox – shows the email messages sent and received by shared mailboxes.

    Exchange user activities reports

    • Non-owner mailbox access - shows mailboxes that were accessed by non-owners including who performed what action and when.
    • Send as activities by non-owners - shows send as activities in mailboxes by non-owners including the send time.
    • Mailbox logins - shows send as activities in mailboxes by non-owners including the send time.
    • Exchange user activities - shows user activities in mailboxes including who performed what action and when.
    • Never logged on users - shows users who have never logged on to their Exchange Online mailboxes.
    • Mailbox size over time - shows the mailbox sizes over a specified period of time.

    Public folder reports:

    • Public folders list – shows all the public folders in your Exchange Online environment.
    • Mail enabled public folders – shows all mail enabled public folders in your Exchange Online environment.


  • Performance improvements – faster report generation and lower memory consumption.
  • Now you can configure your proxy server settings from the product itself so that requests from the product can be forwarded to Office 365 through the proxy server.

Release notes for build 4004 (Aug 2016)


  • 30 new reports including OneDrive for Business reports.

    OneDrive for Business Reports

    • OneDrive files accessed - displays details on all accesses to files in OneDrive for Business.
    • OneDrive file modifications - provides details on all the modifications made to the content or properties of files in OneDrive for Business.
    • OneDrive renamed files - shows details on the files renamed in OneDrive for Business.
    • OneDrive moved files - provides details on the moved files in OneDrive for Business.
    • OneDrive file operations - tracks files which were copied, deleted, moved, renamed and restored.
    • OneDrive file uploads – displays details on the files uploaded to OneDrive for Business.
    • OneDrive downloads - gives details on the files downloaded from OneDrive for Business.
    • OneDrive deleted files - gives details on the files deleted from OneDrive for Business.
    • OneDrive events log - tracks all the user activities in OneDrive for Business.

    Activity reports

    • Exchange admin activity - tracks all the administrator activities in Exchange Online.
    • Azure admin activity - tracks all the administrator activities in Azure.
    • SharePoint admin activity - tracks all the administrator activities in SharePoint.
    • In-Place Hold activity - tracks the changes made to In-Place Hold objects and also displays details on In-Place eDiscovery.
    • Litigation Hold activity - shows details on all the changes made to Litigation Hold on mailboxes.
    • Admin roles - shows users with administrator roles and their role details.
    • Exchange admin roles - shows users with Exchange administrator roles and their role details.

    Exchange Online general reports:

    • Migration statistics - shows details about the users migrated from Exchange on-premises to Office 365.

    Mailbox size reports

    • Archive mailbox sizes - shows the mailbox size and archive count of archive-enabled mailboxes.

    Account status reports

    • Soft deleted mailboxes - displays the Soft deleted mailboxes along with their Hold details.
    • Mailboxes with delegates - shows the mailboxes that have been delegated to other users.

    Mailbox content reports

    • Mailbox clutter details - shows the clutter settings of all mailboxes including items in clutter folder, folder size, and more.

    OWA reports

    • OWA attachment policies - shows the various attachment types that are allowed and blocked for each OWA attachment policy.
    • OWA attachment policy by users - shows the OWA attachment policies associated with each user.
    • Address book policies - shows the address book policies and filter parameters.
    • Address book policy by user - shows the address book policy associated with each user.

    Mail traffic reports

    • Spam traffic summary - gives a summary of spam and malware traffic in Exchange environment.
    • Domain traffic summary - provides a summary of mail traffic in all the domains in Exchange.

    Group reports

    • Groups accept mail from - shows groups, their type, and from which senders (internal or external) they can accept mail from.

    License reports

    • Soon to expire licenses by user - displays the number of days in which the user's licenses will expire.


  • Now you can delegate Office 365 users as product technician and allow them to log in to O365 Manager Plus using their Office 365 credentials.
  • License details report now provides you additional information including the purchase date and license expiration date.

Release notes for build 4003 (Jul 2016)


  • Support for MS SQL as the back-end database.
  • O365 Manager Plus can now automatically check for updates and install them if the product has been configured with PostgreSQL database.


  • Added new columns to mobile devices reports.

Issues Fixed:

  • Issue in configuring mail servers that required TLS or SSL authentication.
  • Issue faced in generating Folder Message Count and Size report has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4002 (June 2016)

New Reports:

  • Office 365 reporting gets more detailed with the addition of these new reports - Mail Traffic Summary, Cloud users, and Synced users.


  • Added new columns to give additional information in reports.
  • Failures encountered when configuring new Office 365 accounts will now list out the cause of the failure to enable easy troubleshooting.

Release notes for build 4001 (June 2016)

Issues fixed:

  • Issue faced while opening the product using the desktop shortcut has been fixed.
  • Issues encountered while adding an Office 365 account has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4000 (May 2016)


  • Extensive Office 365 reports to gain valuable insights on all important aspects of your Office 365 environment. View the list of all reports.
  • Ability to customize, export, schedule, publish and embed the reports.


A holistic Office 365 management and reporting solution