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Domains required for Agent communication

This document explains about the domains which are required for agent communication.

Communication across remote offices is possible in two ways:

  1. Direct communication - Roaming User
  2. Through Distribution Server(DS)

Direct communication - Roaming User

Roaming Users directly contact the Patch Cloud Server. Since these users are constantly roaming, they can't be managed by a central server.

The Roaming agents should connect to these three websites viz.

  • - This is the Server's URL. The Roaming Agent updates the patch status to the Patch Cloud Server. In order to contact the Patch Cloud Server, the Roaming Agent has to connect to - This website will have the latest patch information along with the download URLs. To find the missing patches during the scan process, the agent gets the latest patch details from the patch database, for which it has to connect to - The Roaming Agent has to connect to, to perform on-demand operations. Say a user has added a new computer to the network, and he immediately wants to scan that computer. In that case, the user should perform an on-demand operation. So, the agent should connect to By doing so, the user will be able to scan his systems immediately.

Through Distribution Server(DS)

Distribution Server is a component which allows you to download patch binaries from the respective vendor websites and distributes it to all the computers managed by it.

The DS should connect to these two websites viz.


The agents which belong to remote office/WAN should connect to these two websites viz.


  • The replication of patches is done in the DS. The DS will then update the replication status to the Server, for which it has to connect to
  • The remote office/WAN agents will contact the Server to update the patch status. So it has to connect to

  • The DS gets the latest patch information from this website. It also downloads the patch binaries from the vendor's site through the download URL in this patchdb website. So it has to connect to

  • The remote office/WAN agents should connect to this website to perform on-demand operations.