Seamlessly deploy patches from Patch Manager Plus for the vulnerabilities detected by

The Patch Manager Plus - integration aims at closing the gap between vulnerability detection and remediation(namely patch deployment). With this integration, IT admins can effortlessly deploy patches from the Patch Manager Plus console for the vulnerabilities detected by

No more multiple dashboards, No more manual correlations between vulnerabilities and the relevant patches, the Patch Manager Plus - integration does all the work for you!

Steps to integrate with Patch Manager Plus

Generate API keys in

  • To generate API keys, you need to have Administrator access to
  • Note: Administrators need at least Can View access control permission to import the vulnerability details from Learn more

  • If you have Administrator privileges, you can generate the required API keys by following this user-guide by
  • Once you click Generate, generates an Access key and Secret key.
  • Store these keys in a secure location.

Configure API Settings in Patch Manager Plus

  • Navigate to Admin > Integration > Threat scanner settings. Only users with Administrator privileges can configure the API Settings.
  • Enter the Access key and the Secret key
  • Enable or Disable Asset export from ManageEngine to
  • Configure the frequency at which you want the data sync to happen.
  • Click on Save to enable the Integration.


  1. After enabling the Integration, Patch Manager Plus will import the vulnerability details and the affected machine details from
  2. Only the following plugin families are supported now.
    • Windows
    • Windows: Microsoft Bulletins
    • Databases
    • Misc
  3. Identify the corresponding patch/fix for the respective vulnerabilities and remediate those vulnerabilities by installing the appropriate patch.
  4. Threats detected by Tenable, with the patch availability, will be listed under Patch Mgmt > Threats. Users can also deploy patches for vulnerabilities from this view.