Patch Management using Mobile App
Patch Manager Plus Mobile App

Away from the office? Unable to access the console? Download the Patch Manager Plus mobile app to track your network security anywhere, anytime. The intuitive Patch manager Plus app lets you handle vital tasks such as installing agents to reporting system health status with just few touches. Now, you can seamlessly connect with your Patch Manager Plus server and access various modules of patch management with a mobile phone and an internet connection. Third-party patch management has never been better before with extensive support for 300+ third-party applications.

    Cross-platform support:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Install/ Uninstall Agents

Start managing computers on the go by installing/uninstalling lightweight agents. Once the installation is over, agents will fetch the hardware and software details of the computers.

Scan endpoints

Initiate patch scan to keep abreast of missing and installed patches across all the end points in your network.

Download missing patches

Proactively download missing patches in the Patch Manager Plus server using the mobile app to save time. This is applicable only for on-premise edition.

Approve/unapprove patches

Patch Manager Plus mobile app comes-in-handy when you want to approve/unapprove downloaded patches without delay. Only approved patches will be available for deployment.

Decline patches

With any mobile device, you can now decline problem-causing patches before it could wreak havoc in your network.

Create patch Configurations

Exclusive to iOS: Create patch configurations and deploy them to selected targets on the go, using the mobile app.

Patch Manager Plus Mobile App

Granular-level visibility and valuable insights for efficient patch management:

Dynamic tab view:

You can choose the all patches tab to view vulnerable computers for each missing patch or choose the all systems tab to view the missing and installed patches for each computer.

Smart monitoring:

Visibility and control across different modules of patch management based on user roles defined by the admin. The user roles are same as those delegated for the console.

Robust reporting:

Real-time reports on vulnerability database update status, agent last contact time and live status, system health and configuration status to gain insights on your network security.

Access remote tools:

The remote shutdown and Wake on LAN feature can be accessed and implemented on selected computers using the mobile app.

Installing the Patch Manager Plus Mobile App

Download the mobile app by searching for "ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus" on the app/play store, or scan the QR Code below, which will redirect you to download the Patch Manager Plus mobile app. After downloading the app, select the type of edition you purchased: on-premise or cloud. You can access it by providing the details of your Patch Manager Plus server. You will have to use the same login credentials to login to the mobile app.

Avail the free demo now, using the following details:

Patch Manager Plus Mobile App

    Key Benefits

  • Detect and respond to threats quickly.
  • Integrate mobility and patching to mitigate security breaches from anywhere, anytime.
  • Configure a consistent bug-free environment.
  • Endless scanning to stay ahead of attacks.
  • Accomplish critical tasks with zero downtime.

Manage desktop, laptop, server and virtual machines via mobile device of your choice. Patch Manager Plus mobile app is now available for both android and iOS devices.