Simplified patch management to secure endpoints.

The Patch Management Headache

  • Constantly increasing number of vulnerabilities.
  • Lack of resources & time to apply patches to multiple heterogeneous endpoints.
  • Old fragmented approach to vulnerability management no longer works.

Why is Patch Manager Plus the right cure for your patch management headache?

  • Patch Manager Plus provides a single interface for automating all patch management tasks - from detecting missing patches to deploying patches - for Windows, Mac, Linux and 250+ third-party applications to multiple endpoints regardless of their location, connection type or status.

How does Patch Manager Plus benefit your organization?

    • Lowers costs and efforts Lowers patch management costs and efforts by enabling reliable, automated patching across your whole enterprise.
    • Automation saves time Accelerates patching and saves time by automating all patch management activities, thus patching multiple endpoints in minutes.
    • Cross-platform supportSupports patching heterogeneous OS platforms(Windows, Mac and Linux) and 250+ third party applications.
    • Ease of use and flexibilityAn easily navigable, web-based interface and help documents to guide you through every step of patching.
    • Delivers maximum security Apply patches to OS and applications in a timely manner to reduce risk of security breach.
    • Take control of your patchingAllows customising deployment settings to minimize disruption to end users/business operations.
    • Boosts complianceHelps achieve 100% compliant status by quickly identifying, assessing vulnerabilities, and automatically applying updates.
    • An integrated consoleYou can perform cross-platform patch management, vulnerability monitoring, remediation and reporting all from a single point of console.

Key features

  1. Complete automation
  2. Patch across heterogeneous platforms
  3. Patch devices anywhere in the world
  4. Broadest 3rd party vulnerability content
  5. Pre-stage patches for testing before deployment
  6. Decline patches to specific groups
  7. Customize deployment settings
  8. Agent-based monitoring for patch compliance
  9. Wake-on-LAN
  10. Dynamic reporting