Microsoft Patch Tuesday October 2021 - Summary











CVE Index for October 2021 Patch Tuesday Updates

Impact Component Type of update
CVE-2021-40486 Microsoft Office Word Remote Code Execution Security update
CVE-2021-40461 Role: Windows Hyper-V Remote Code Execution Security update
CVE-2021-38672 Role: Windows Hyper-V Remote Code Execution Security update
Win32k component Elevation of Privilege CVE-2021-40449
Windows DNS Server Remote Code Execution CVE-2021-40469
Windows Kernel Elevation of Privilege CVE-2021-41335
Windows AppContainer Firewall Rules Security Feature Bypass CVE-2021-41338

Previous Patch Tuesday Updates and Fixes

7 essential vulnerability management questions answered

Microsoft Windows Patch Tuesday - Overview

What is Patch Tuesday?

Patch Tuesday, the colloquial term for Microsoft's Update Tuesday that falls on second Tuesday of every month. That is when Microsoft rolls out patch updates to improve security of Microsoft applications. Coinciding with the Patch Tuesday it is also a general trend for the roll out of patch updates for other third party applications that include Adobe and Mozilla, among many others.

When is Patch Tuesday?

The upcoming Patch Tuesday falls on November 9, 2021.

What is patching and why is it important?

Patches are nothing but pieces of software code that are written to fix a bug in a software application, that might lead to a vulnerability. Such vulnerabilities in any application are loop holes for attackers to get their hands on business critical data and information. So it is highly crucial to keep all the applications in a network updated to its latest versions. Updating applications in mobile phones and laptops also work in the same manner by preventing theft of personal data, through security flaws.

What kind of patch updates are released during Patch Tuesday?

Predominantly security patch updates of varying severity like Critical, Important, Moderate & Low are labeled and released. It is always a best practice to prioritize your patching based on the severity level mentioned.

What are CVE IDs?

CVE ID - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure ID is a format in which each vulnerability is disclosed and cataloged in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). You can look up for a detailed explanation of each vulnerability in the NVD with the help of CVE ID. In Patch Manager Plus you can make use of these CVE IDs to fetch the appropriate patches to deploy. You can find the CVE IDs here.

How to register for ManageEngine's Free Patch Tuesday webinar?

The upcoming Free Patch Tuesday webinar by ManageEngine is scheduled on -. You can make your registrations here

Where can I find more details about individual bulletins?

Each CVE ID listed in the CVE Index section has been linked to its security advisory.