Patch Manager Plus + Tenable

Tenable detects vulnerabilities, Patch Manager Plus patches them

Use Tenable's vast vulnerability coverage to detect vulnerabilities and remediate them immediately by pushing patches from ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus's console.


Detect vulnerabilities across your network

Using Tenable's vast vulnerability coverage, you can efficiently detect vulnerabilities across your network as and when they appear. These vulnerabilities are rated using the Vulnerability Priority Rating system, which enables priority-based remediation.

Auto-correlate vulnerabilities to patch information

The vulnerabilities detected by Tenable are auto-correlated to their respective patches in ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus' console. A significant amount of manual work is bypassed, and the vulnerabilities can be resolved with just a click.

Reduce vulnerability resolution time by centralizing workflows

This integration aims to align the workflows of ITOps and SecOps teams by bringing both the vulnerability details and the remediation (relevant patch) details into a single console. This centralized visibility can help greatly expedite vulnerability resolution.

Leverage flexible deployment options to ease the remediation process

Armed with all the data you need, you can leverage ManageEngine's flexibility to create configurations that will push the relevant updates to your vulnerable systems. We bring you the best of both worlds—vulnerability detection and patch management—with the Tenable-Patch Manager Plus integration.


Here's how to get started

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