PAM360 Integration with Zoho Flow

PAM360 integration with Zoho Flow, a robust automation platform that helps expand PAM360’s integration capabilities across 800+ business applications, thus paving the way for workflow automation across multiple business functions, especially on HR and ITSM. A perfect example of this integration is the automated onboarding and offboarding of users onto/from PAM360 via a recruitment/ATS application.

PAM360 can process dedicated actions triggered from any application in Zoho Flow's diverse app gallery. With this integration capability, PAM360 users can craft custom workflows within Zoho Flow, linking PAM360 to a wide array of applications using the PAM360 APIs. This includes tasks like user creation, user group management, account control, and sharing of privileged accounts and resources.

  1. Installing Zoho Flow Agent
  2. Integrating PAM360 with Zoho Flow
  3. How PAM360 Integration with Zoho Flow Aids in Real-Time?