Privileged identity management

Robust solutions to better manage privileged user accounts, completely control administrative access to critical IT assets, and successfully address compliance mandates.

Password Manager Pro

Privileged account protection and access management for enterprises

Password Manager Pro

  • Discover, store, control, audit, and monitor privileged accounts.
  • Centralize password storage, and automate frequent password changes in critical systems to improve IT productivity.
  • Establish preventive and detective security controls with approval workflows and real-time alerts on password access.
  • Control access to IT resources and applications based on roles and job responsibilities.
  • Launch direct RDP, SSH, and SQL connections to remote systems from a secure gateway.
  • Record and audit all privileged access for a complete record of all user activity.
  • Leverage virtualization support to protect your infrastructure running on AWS and Azure systems.
Key Manager Plus

SSH key and SSL certificate life cycle management

Key Manager Plus

  • Discover all SSH keys and SSL certificates in your network and consolidate them in a secure, centralized repository.
  • Create and deploy new key pairs on target systems and rotate them periodically.
  • Centralize the certificate and CSR creation process; identify and eliminate weak SHA-1 certificates.
  • Automate the acquisition, deployment, renewal, and revoking of SSL certificates for public domains through an integration with Let's Encrypt.
  • Deploy newly acquired certificates to their respective end servers. Detect and remediate any configuration vulnerabilities, weak cipher suites, etc.
  • Launch direct SSH connections with target systems; audit and track all user activity.
ADManager Plus

Privileged identity and access management for enterprises.

ADManager Plus

  • Provision user accounts in bulk and assign them the privileges they need, all in one action.
  • Provide just in time (JIT) privileged access to users through automations and workflows.
  • Use built-in reports to gain in-depth visibility into the privileged permissions held by users and groups, including users who gained privileged access by being part of nested groups.
  • Manage and report on folder (share and NTFS) permissions held by privileged users and groups.
  • Automatically lock down privileged accounts that are inactive for a period of time.
  • Create privileged roles for task delegation, and audit the actions performed by these delegates, including what action was performed on what object and when.
ADSelfService Plus

Self-service for privileged access and privileged account security.

ADSelfService Plus

  • Allow users to request access to privileged groups.
  • Enable a multi-level approval workflow for self-service requests to privileged accounts.
  • Enhance security of privileged accounts by enabling multi-factor authentication.
  • Protect privileged accounts from password attacks by enabling advanced password policy requirements, including a dictionary rule.
Password Manager Pro MSP

Complete privileged identity management for service providers

Password Manager Pro MSP

  • Securely store and manage clients' privileged accounts from a centralized console, backed with multi-tenant architecture for clear data segregation.
  • Selectively share credentials among MSP technicians to control access to clients' networks.
  • Provide critical data protection above and beyond clients' best practice security guidelines for sensitive information.
  • Demonstrate security with in-depth reports on access details, policy enforcement, and strict control maintenance to win the trust of clients.

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