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Duo Security

When Duo Security verification is enabled, users can use the six-digit security codes generated by the Duo Mobile app to prove their identity.

Steps to retrieve security details from Duo Security:

  1. Log in to your Duo Security account.
  2. Navigate to the Applications section in the left pane, and click Protect an Application.
  3. Search for Web SDK, and click Protect.
  4. Copy the Integration Key, Secret Key, and API Host Name.

Duo Security

Steps to enable Duo Security in ADAudit Plus:

  1. Open the ADAudit Plus web console.
  2. Navigate to Admin → Administration → Logon Settings, and select Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Under Duo Security, check Enable Duo Security.
  4. Enter the Integration Key, Secret Key, and API Host Name copied from Duo Security.
  5. Choose the Username Pattern, and click Save.

Duo Security

Note: If an enrolled user is deleted in Duo, it is essential to remove the user's enrollment in ADAudit Plus as well. Otherwise, the user will not be able to access ADAudit Plus without entering the Duo security code during login.

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