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Google Authenticator

When Google Authenticator is enabled, users will be required to enter a code generated by the Google Authenticator app during the login process.

Steps to enable Google Authenticator in ADAudit Plus:

Prerequisite: Download and install Google Authenticator on your mobile device from Google's website.

  1. Open the ADAudit Plus web console.
  2. Navigate to Admin → Administration → Logon Settings, and select Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Under Google Authenticator, click Enable Google Authenticator.
  4. When logging in to the ADAudit Plus web console for the first time, a QR code will be displayed. Open the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device, and scan the QR code to create an account for ADAudit Plus.
  5. When ADAudit Plus is added to the Google Authenticator app, a secret code will be generated automatically.
  6. Enter the secret code generated by the Google Authenticator app, and click Verify to access ADAudit Plus.

Google Authenticator

Note: The Google Authenticator app can be used with Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry phones.

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