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Webinar Topics

  • Session 1 - October 16 (Completed)

    Active Directory and server security: Tracking, monitoring, and alerting of modifications

  • Session 2 - October 17 (Completed)

    Securing and protecting corporate networks: End point security

  • Session 3 - October 18 (Completed)

    Securing and protecting Active Directory: Tracking and securing insider threats

  • Session 4 - October 22 (Completed)

    Securing and protecting Active Directory: Securing privileged access in Active Directory

  • Privileges provide a user the ability to perform an action that is typically left for administrators. Privileges should be known, maintained, and tracked at every turn. Without the knowledge of who has privileges, nearly anything could change in Active Directory without anyone knowing. Knowing how privileges are granted and how to monitor them is the biggest challenge. In this webinar, MVP Derek Melber will go over:

    • How privileges are granted in Active Directory
    • The best options for configuring privileges
    • How privileges should be monitored
    • What features your privilege access solution needs to include