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Change notification for active directory with ADAudit Plus

The effect of a delay in response to a change might allow a bump, which should have otherwise remained insignificant, snowball into an irreparable damage. This is more significant in a Windows Active Directory environment where the damage due to such delay could cost an organization in millions! With that being the case, there is a need for a watchful alert system, that identifies any threat present in the Active Directory network intuitively, steer the attention of an administrator towards such unwanted developments and channelizes the administrators attention to thwart identified threats at the bud.

ADAudit Plus provides an answer to this known challenge through an real-time alerting mechanism. This alerting mechanism helps in the process of channelizing (steering) an administrator's attention instantly towards any desired or undesired happenings and thus ensure that Active Directory network security is never compromised.

Alerts highlights

  • Get notified of security events from across the Windows server environment.
  • See who did what, when, and where, along with other details surrounding each event.
  • Create alerts with ease in only a few clicks.
  • Cut down on response time with real-time notifications via email or SMS.
  • Reduce alert fatigue by defining triggers based on volume, time, user, and other criteria.
  • Reduce false positives by leveraging user behavior analytics to arrive at dynamic alert thresholds.
  • Reduce the impact of a breach by automating incident response.
  • Fine-tune alerts by defining granular thresholds, suppressing redundant alerts, and more.

Alerts in action

  • Detect brute-force attacks: Get notified whenever there's a high volume of logon failures from a single user within a short span of time.
  • Protect the keys to your kingdom: Get notified whenever a user is added to a security group.
  • Identify suspicious logins: Get notified whenever a critical server is accessed during non-business hours.
  • Detect ransomware: Get notified whenever there is a high volume of file accesses by a single user within a short span of time.

To receive notification in the event of other threat scenarios, all an administrator needs to do is create alerts based on their respective indicators of compromise.

Get alerts on critical AD changes with ADAudit Plus

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ADAudit Plus allows an administrator to configure alerts of varying urgencies or severities and also based on user, time and volume based threshold alerts. This will help organizations with an option to differentiate Active Directory events and also regularize the management of alerted events.

The severities are differentiated as

  • Critical events
  • Troublesome events or
  • Attention seeking events

Consider a scenario, when an administrative account in Active Directory has been accessed by a miscreant and you being the chief administrator of the network are not aware of such a happening. Imagine the devastation that could cause! A stranger logging into an administrative account is undesired and ignoring such a critical activity puts the security of your network under a serious threat. A reporting solution will provide you with the data on User Logon activity or last logged on user, but it could be too late to be acted upon. There is a need for a solution that will alert the administrator well in time, on any activity that he considers to be critical, so that sanity prevails.

Other changes in the Microsoft Active Directory, though important, might not necessarily require an administrators' intervention, these actions require strict supervision. Consider, monitoring the correctness in execution of a delegated user creation task (or) tracking the modification done to a user profile. These actions are to be religiously administered and controlled.

Instant information on day-to-day user and administrative actions are also required in other cases. There is a need to differentiate Active Directory event alerts based on their urgencies of importance / criticality. ADAudit Plus - Active Directory audit software allows the configuration of alerts with varying levels of severity (importance). The severity associated with an alert could be either critical, troublesome or attention seeking. These alerts can be viewed on the ADAudit Plus console from a web browser and from any domain machine.

ADAudit Plus allows you to custom configure (define) alerts for one or more desired Active Directory change events. Just like ADAudit Plus granular reports, these alerts are broad-based in scope – listing all related audit characteristics for the alerted event, including - who did what actions when and from where.

With ADAudit Plus, you can configure and view alerts for a specific change event. For example: You can configure and view an alert for a failed logon on a specific computer in the Domain.

Any alert is complete on being delivered to the mail/SMS inbox of intended recipients. ADAudit Plus allows one to select one or more desired/undesired Active Directory change events and configure them to be emailed/SMSed as alerts to one or more users. These alerts will be delivered right to the recipients' mail/SMS inbox.

Some Active Directory changes might require alerting but not necessarily flood an administrator or other recipients' inbox. Those alerts can be viewed directly on the ADAudit Plus web browser from any where in the network. The facility in ADAudit Plus that allows users to view all alerts on its web browser or enable email/SMS alert notifications for selected Active Directory changes helps in an organized and effective administration.

Alerts in ADAudit Plus are categorized and can be cleared or deleted at convenience.

ADAudit Plus applies machine learning to create a baseline of normal activities that are specific to each user and only notifies security personnel when there is a deviation from this norm. For example, a user who consistently accesses a critical server outside of business hours wouldn't trigger a false positive alert, because that behavior is typical for that user. On the other hand, ADAudit Plus would instantly alert security teams when that same user accesses that server during a time they've never accessed it before, even if the access falls within regular business hours.

ADAudit Plus allows an administrator to configure a predetermined response to an alert. Administrators can program the tool to take a specified action when an alert gets triggered through the execution of a batch file, and can therefore effectively automate incident response.

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