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Configure AD FS servers for auditing in your domain - Configure extranet lockout

Log in to the AD FS server with Domain Admin credentials. Open Windows PowerShell, and execute the below command: 
Set-AdfsProperties -EnableExtranetLockout $true -ExtranetLockoutThreshold <Threshold_value> -ExtranetObservationWindow (New-Timespan -Minutes <time_in_minutes>)

In the above command, set appropriate values for:

  • <Threshold_value>, an integer value that defines the maximum number of bad password attempts.
  • <time_in_minutes>, the time in minutes that determines how long the user account will be soft-locked out for.

Note: Extranet lockout settings can be configured only if an AD FS proxy is used in your environment. The AD FS proxy server need not be configured in the ADAudit Plus console.

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