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Agent installation

Installing agent via ADAudit Plus' UI

Now that you have your environment set up to meet the installation prerequisites, you can install the agent on a target machine right from within ADAudit Plus' user interface as shown below:

Installing the client-side agent from ADAudit Plus' UI

We recommend installing the agent using ADAudit Plus; if installation fails on any computer, ADAudit Plus automatically retries installing the agent every 30 minutes for up to 10 failed attempts.

Please note that the service account used has to be a member of the Domain Admins group for the application to install the agent on a client.

If you do not want want to provide Domain Admin credentials, follow the steps in the next section to install the agent manually.

  • Reboot of server is not required after agent installation.
  • Agent installation/uninstallation can be retried in case it fails, the maximum number of retries can be configured from the Agent Settings tab found under the Admin page in the product.
Installing the client-side agent from ADAudit Plus' UI

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