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Agent installation

1. Installing the agent via ADAudit Plus' UI

Now that you have your environment set up to meet the installation prerequisites, you can install the agent on a target machine right from within ADAudit Plus' user interface as shown below:

Installing the client-side agent from ADAudit Plus' UI

We recommend installing the agent using ADAudit Plus; if installation fails on any computer, ADAudit Plus automatically retries installing the agent every 30 minutes for up to 10 failed attempts.

Please note that the service account used has to be a member of the Domain Admins group for the application to install the agent on a client.

2. Installing the agent manually

Go to <ADAudit Plus installation directory>\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\webapps\adap\agent\, and choose the appropriate MSI based on the OS version on your client computer.

For 32-bit versions: ADAuditPlusAgent-x86.msi
For 64-bit versions: ADAuditPlusAgent-x64.msi

2.1 Installing the agent via Group Policy

2.1.1 Create an MST file

MST files are used by administrators to customize the behavior of an existing MSI file (MSI is an installer package file format used by Windows).

An MST file needs to be created using the ORCA tool, which is available under Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers.

  • Open the ORCA tool > File > Open > Select the file- ADAuditPlusAgent-x86.msi or ADAuditPlusAgent-x64.msi
  • Click on the Transform menu > Select New Transform > Navigate to the panel on the left, select Registry > Enter appropriate values  for the fields—ServerName, ServerIP, Build, Protocol, Port, and ServerFQDN.

    Here, ServerName refers to the name of the server where ADAudit Plus is hosted.
    ServerIP refers to the IP Address of the server where ADAudit Plus is hosted.
    Build refers to the build number of your ADAudit Plus installation. 
    The build number is a 4 digit number that can be found by clicking on the license button located on the top right corner of your ADAudit Plus console.

    Protocol refers to the protocol used for communication, i.e., HTTP or HTTPS 

    Note:  Port refers to the port number over which ADAudit Plus communicates.  The default port number used by ADAudit Plus is 8081. If you are using a different port, please enter the corresponding value.

    ServerFQDN refers to the FQDN of the server where ADAudit Plus is hosted.  For example, if ADAudit Plus is hosted on a DC named adap-dc2 in the domain, the ServerFQDN is 

    ADAuditPlus Agent Configuration Setup
  • Click on the Transform tab > Select Generate Transform > Name the transformation file as ADAP.mst and Save it.
  • Copy the following 2 files into a new folder-
    • ADAuditPlusAgent-x86.msi or ADAuditPlusAgent-x64.msi
    • Note: The above files can be found under <ADAudit Plus installation directory>\webapps\adap\agent. For 32-bit installations choose ADAuditPlusAgent-x86.msi and for 64-bit installations choose ADAuditPlusAgent-x64.msi.

    • ADAP.mst (the file generated using the ORCA tool)
  • Right-click on the newly created folder, go to Share with > Specific people > Type Domain Computers in the search box > Provide Read permission > Click Share.
2.1.2 Install the agent via Group Policy
  • Log in to any computer that has the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) with Domain Admin credentials > Open the GPMC > Create a new GPO named 'ADAuditPlusAgent' > Link this GPO to the audited computers.
  • Right-click ADAuditPlusAgent GPO and select Edit > Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings > Right-click Software Installation > New > Package > In the dialog box, type the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the ADAP MSI file.
  • Note: For 32-bit installations type the full UNC of ADAuditPlusAgent-x86.msi and for 64-bit installations type the full UNC of ADAuditPlusAgent-x64.msi.

    For example, in the dialog box, enter:
    Here, Server_name refers to the name of the server on which the file resides. 
    Shared_folder refers to the folder created under step 4.1.1 iv.

    Note: Ensure that you enter the full UNC path as opposed to the local/network path.

  • In the Deploy Software pop-up, select Advanced > Modifications > Add > Type the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the ADAP MST file.
  • Note: Again, ensure that you enter the full UNC path as opposed to the local/network path.

    Once the computers restart, the ADAudit Plus agent will get automatically installed.

2.2 Installing the agent by running the MSI file on client computers

Arguments while installing the agent:

Server name: The name of the server where ADAudit Plus is hosted.
Port: The port number used to communicate with the ADAudit Plus server.
Protocol: The defined protocol for communicating with the ADAudit Plus server.

To check which port number and transfer protocol are being used by ADAudit Plus, go to the Admin tab, and choose Connection under General Settings. The corresponding port number and protocol used by the ADAudit Plus server can be found here.

ADAuditPlus Agent Configuration Setup

ADAudit Plus Trusted By

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