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Agent uninstallation

1. Uninstalling the agent via ADAudit Plus' UI

The agent can be uninstalled by selecting the computers you wish to uninstall the agent from as shown in the image below.

Server Configuration Settings page

2.Uninstalling the agent manually

2.1 Uninstalling the agent via Group policy
  • Log in to any computer that has the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), with Domain Admin credentials > Open the GPMC.
  • Navigate to your domain > If the agent was deployed through a GPO, right-click the GPO. If the agent was deployed through any other means, create a new GPO and right-click > Select Edit > Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings > Software Installation > Navigate to the right pane, right-click the software package, click Remove.
  • In the Remove Software dialog box, check Immediately uninstall the software from users and computers, and click OK.

The agent will uninstall when the client computers are restarted.

2.2 Uninstalling the agent via command line

On the target computer, open an elevated Command Prompt (right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator).
msiexec /x {7AFB5C7B-DAD9-49A3-BA7E-DF7432E78E5C} /q (for 32-bit) or
msiexec /x {3D502EF5-54BD-426E-A183-0724645371B3} /q (for 64-bit)

2.3 Uninstalling the agent via Desktop central
  • Follow these steps to create an MSI package.
  • Login to your Desktop Central console as an Administrator, click on Software Deployment > Install/Uninstall Software > Windows > Computer Configuration.

Beside Name, enter ADAudit Plus uninstallation or any other name of your choice.
Beside Package Name, select the package.
Beside Operation Type, select Uninstall from the drop-down.
Beside Define Target, enter computer name.
Click Deploy Immediately.

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