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Configure object-level auditing

ADAudit Plus automatically configures object-level auditing for both Self-managed and AWS Managed Microsoft AD if you have assigned sufficient privileges for the user configured under domain settings. Otherwise, you can manually configure object-level auditing by following the steps below:

Manual configuration for object-level auditing

Using Windows shares

  • Right-click the share folder that you want to audit, select Properties, and then click the Security tab > Select Advanced > click the Auditing tab > For the Everyone group, add the following entries:
    To audit Principal Type Access Applies To
    File/folder changes Everyone Success, Failure
    • Create files / Write Data
    • Create folders / Append data
    • Write attributes
    • Write extended attributes
    • Delete sub folders and files
    • Delete
    This Folder, sub folders, and files
    Folder permission and owner changes Everyone Success, Failure
    • Take ownership
    • Change permissions
    This folder and sub folders
    File read Everyone Success, Failure List folder / Read data Files only
    Folder read failure Everyone Failure List folder / Read data This folder and sub folders
  • Click OK to finish setting the required SACLs for the selected share.

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