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Automatic SACL configuration for EMC server auditing

To audit necessary file and folder accesses in the target shares, the corresponding SACL settings must be configured. To allow ADAudit Plus to do this automatically, follow the steps below:

While adding file shares:

Ensure that the check box next to Set necessary object-level auditing on selected shares is selected while adding the servers. This will configure the required SACL settings in those shares.

Configure object-level auditing

After file shares are added:

  • Log in to the ADAudit Plus web console and navigate to File Audit > Configured Servers > EMC Server.
  • Click the View configured file shares icon next to the server that contains the target shares.

    Configure object-level auditing

  • In the resulting drop-down, select the shares you wish to apply the required SACL settings to automatically.
  • Click Apply object-level audit settings on shares.

Color codes

When the View Configured File Shares pop-up is opened, the available shares will be highlighted in one of these colors based on the status of the object-level auditing configuration:

  • Green: Object-level auditing is set correctly.
  • Red: Object-level auditing is not set correctly, or an error occurred during the configuration.
  • Orange: Object-level auditing configuration is in progress.

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