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Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) is a managed domain service that allows you to lift-and-shift your on-premises Active Directory resources to the cloud without needing to deploy, manage, patch, or maintain domain controllers.

ADAudit Plus is a UBA-driven, real-time change auditing solution that helps you track and monitor the activities happening within your Azure AD DS environment.

Azure AD DS auditing with ADAudit Plus enables you to:

  • Audit all successful and failed logons.*
  • Track the creation and deletion of users and computers.
  • Monitor group membership changes.
  • Identify modifications to GPOs.
  • Record password changes and resets.
  • Analyze account lockouts.
*Note: NTLM auditing must be enabled to audit logon events from Azure AD DS domains.

Prerequisite: The HTTPS port 443 needs to be opened on the ADAudit Plus server as it is used for the HTTP/REST API and AMQP-over-WebSockets.

This guide takes you through the steps involved in configuring an Azure AD DS domain for auditing in ADAudit Plus.

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