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Reporting capabilities of ADAudit Plus

A detailed comparison showing the advantages of using ADAudit Plus over Azure Portal for auditing your Azure AD DS domain.

ADAudit Plus Azure Portal
Azure AD DS auditing
Displays audit information from domain controllers, member servers, file servers, and workstations joined to the Azure AD DS domain. Only streams audit information from Azure AD DS domain controllers to Event Hubs.
User auditing
Resolves user SIDs to human-readable names in all reports. Log data contains only the SID of users.
Retains historical audit data indefinitely. The size of data stored depends on your Azure license. (Maximum retention period is 7 days.)
Provides dedicated reports for logon activity, user, computer, group, and GPO management with intuitive graphs and charts. Does not have any reporting capabilities.
User Behavior Analytics (UBA)
Leverages UBA to detect anomalous events indicating suspicious activities in the Azure AD DS domain. Does not have UBA capabilities.
Real-time alerts
Sends real-time alerts when suspicious activities happen within the Azure AD DS domain. Does not have alerting capabilities.
Automated threat response
Executes custom scripts automatically when suspicious activities like privilege escalation or lateral movement are detected. Does not have automated threat response capabilities.
Provides pre-packaged compliance reports for SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, the GDPR, and ISO. Does not provide compliance reports.

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