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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus vs PowerBroker Management Suite

This document provides a feature-wise comparison report between ManageEngine ADAudit Plus and PowerBroker Management Suite. Comparison done here is based on the information available in the competitor’s website and the details may vary with the real product.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a real-time, web based Windows Active Directory & Servers Change Reporting Software that,

  • Audits-Tracks-Reports on Windows [Active Directory, Workstations Logon / Logoff, File Servers & Servers]
  • It helps meet the most-needed security, audit and compliance demands
  • Track authorized / unauthorized access of users, GPO, Groups, Computer, OU changes
  • 200+ detailed event specific reports and real-time emails alerts
  • Helps in SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI-DSS and GLBA specific Compliance reports
  • Export the reports to xls, html, pdf and csv formats to assist in interpretation and computer forensics!
  • ADAudit Plus licensing is not based on number of users.

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Management Suite provides centralized real-time change auditing for Active Directory, File Servers, Exchange, SQL and NetApp; offers the ability to restore Active Directory objects or attributes; and helps to establish and enforce entitlements across the Windows infrastructure. Through simpler administration, IT organizations can mitigate the risks of unwanted changes and better understand user activity to meet compliance requirements.

Products Compared

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus
BeyondTrust PowerBroker Management Suite:
  • PowerBroker Management Suite For Windows Active Directory & GPO
  • PowerBroker Auditor For File System
  • PowerBroker Privilege Explorer for Active Directory and File Systems
  • PowerBroker Event Vault For Windows

ADAudit Plus

Features Description ADAudit Plus
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Real-time Active Directory auditing Auditing and reporting of the Active Directory changes along with e-mail alerts in real-time.    
WHO, WHEN, WHERE and WHAT of AD changes Reports on who changed what, when and where in Active Directory    
Logon / Logoff Audit Reports Exact time of User Workstation Logon & Logoff time with Logon Duration    
User, Computer, Group, OU Management Audit Auditing of all important Active Directory Objects    
Other AD objects DNS, Permission, Schema, Contacts, Container, Configuration, Domain Change Auditing    
Before and After values of a Change Reports on Before / After attributes values of an object    
Insider Threat Detection View user actions history and in a click, drill-down to a specific event    
Account Lockout Analyzer Provide details and point the reason for the Domain account lockout    

(Not as detailed)

Member Server Auditing Get summary report, track processes, policy changes, system events, object management and scheduled tasks    

(Not as detailed)

File Server Auditing Reports on file and folder permission, shares and access changes    
Supported File Servers File Servers supported for auditing  

Windows File Server, Windows File Server FailOver Cluster, NetApp Filer, NetApp Cluster

File Integrity Monitoring Monitor changes to the Windows system, configuration, program files, file / folder attributes   -
Printer Auditing and Removable Storage Auditing Track all files printed; Also, monitor USB and other removable storage devices accesses    
Database Support SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL    
GPO Audit Reports Report on changes to Group Policy Objects Settings    
Compliance Specific Reports Pre-configured reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA and FISMA Compliance    
Custom Reports Create your own custom reports or put up a request for one based on your requirements  

(Easy to create)

History Reports Get reports from a particular period of time in the past    
Report Customization Export (PDF, CSV, XLS and HTML), Sort, Modify Report columns as needed    
Scheduling of Report Schedule Active Directory Reports for automated delivery    
Archiving Save on disk space and sustain compliance by archiving and storing audit data  

(Stored in a preferred location and easily reproducible)

Administrator Friendly Options like Event Clean-Up and Restore, Diskspace Alert, Alert on unsuccessful eventlog collections, Delete alerts, Clear alerts ensures that the product is administrator friendly.   -
Additional Auditing Capabilities
Graphical Reports Graphical representation of audited data    
Web Browser Access Accessibility from anywhere in the Domain using a web-browser    
Agentless Auditing Agentless collection of audit data    
Multi-User Role based Access Give helpdesk technicians secure access to essential reports based on their role    
Custom Rule-based filter Create report profiles based on custom rules with a filter    
Multiple Domain Support Audit information from multiple domains with a single installation    
User/Object Specific reports Drill-down reports to specific User/ object Changes    
Audit Trail of Events Complete report on the sequence of events that resulted in a particular change    
Custom Alerts Schedule custom alerts of important events  

(pre-configured severity based alerts)

Email Notification of Alerts Schedule reports to be delivered automatically to your email ID    
Alert Profile Schedule alerts based on a user, time and volume based threshold levels or business hours   -
Installation The difference between installing the product in few minutes to days of installation Easy, Wizard based and can be done in minutes Requires guidance for installation and deployment
ADAudit Plus Advantage
License Criteria Criteria used for Licensing Number of Domain Controllers Number of Users
License Type Type of Licenses available for purchase Annual Subscription & Perpetual Annual Subscription
Technical Support Phone, Email, Live Chat and Remote Desktop    

(Not Sure on Live Chat Support)

Technical Support Phone, Email, Live Chat and Remote Desktop    

(Not Sure on Live Chat Support)

Can the solution be considered value for money?

Component-based pricing model.
Starts at $595 for 2 DCs


Benefits of ADAudit Plus over PowerBroker Management Suite
  • Ease-of-installation | Utmost ease-of-use even for non-technical personnel | Completely web based UI for audit access from across the world | Agentless data collection | SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI-DSS & GLBA Compliance Specific Reports | Account Lockout Analyzer | Advanced GPO Settings Audit | DNS, Schema, Contacts & Configuration Auditing | MS SQL DB Support | New / Old Value of Object Changes | Secure portal for Non-AD users (auditors) to access audit data | ADAudit Plus licensing is not based on number of Users
  • ADAudit Plus will audit Windows Active Directory, Workstations, File Servers, Member Servers, FailOver Clusters, NetApp Filers, NetApp Clusters, FIM, Printers & USB in one single installed software. ADAudit Plus does all the audit actions of PowerBroker Management Suite at a fraction of its cost.

What customers say about us

  • CAMH will be able to save close to $26,000 a year on service desk calls related to Active Directory password resets and locked accounts, and will see a return on investment within the first six months of product implementation.

    Judy OlivierProject Manager, CAMH

About ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

Though every care has been taken to ensure the correctness of the information provided herein, minor variations might be found in the feature set. In case, you find any discrepancies, please write to us at:

For more information about ADAudit Plus, please visit
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  • Add-ons

    NAS Storage
    NetApp (or) EMC (or) Synology (or) Hitachi (or) Huawei file systems
    Windows Servers
    Audit Windows Server,
    • Local Logon/Logoff
    • File Integrity
    • Printer
    • ADFS
    • LAPS
    • ADLDS
    Audit Workstations,
    • Employee Works Hours
    • Local Logon/Logoff
    • Local Account Management
    • Startup/Shutdown
    • File Integrity
    • System events
    • Removable Storage Auditing(USB)
    Azure AD Tenants
    • Hybrid AD audit
    • Sign-in activity
    • MFA usage
    • Application usage
    • Role and group changes
    • Device changes
    • Application changes
    • License changes
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Disclaimer: ManageEngine does not guarantee the accuracy of any information presented in this document, and there is no commitment, expressed or implied, on ManageEngine’s part to update or otherwise amend this document. The furnishing of this document does not provide any license to patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights owned or held by ManageEngine.

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