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User session recording

ADAudit Plus' user session recording report provides a video recording of user screen activity. This feature helps administrators investigate anomalous activities and also deters users from indulging in malicious activities.

Steps to configure user session recording in ADAudit Plus:

  1. Click here to download the ffmpeg zip file.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. Go to <extracted_file_path>\ffmpeg-N-104704-ge22dff43e7-win64-gpl\bin\ffmpeg, copy ffmpeg.exe, and paste it into the ADAudit Plus bin folder (<product_installation_path>\bin\).

To enable user session recording on a particular machine:

Login to ADAudit Plus > Server Audit > Configured Server > Navigate to the particular machine > Click Enable User Session Recording.

User session recording

To enable user session recording on multiple machines:

Login to ADAudit Plus > Server Audit > Configured Server > User Session Recording > Add Servers > Enter the required details to complete the configuration.

User session recording

To change user session recording settings:

Login to ADAudit Plus > Admin > User Session Recording settings > Change the required settings.

User session recording

To view user session recording reports:

Login to ADAudit Plus > Click on any report > Click the hyperlink under the Caller Machine Name column in the table to view the relevant user session recording report.

User session recording

User session recording report

User session recording

For any additional details or assistance, please reach out to us at or +1 844 245 1101 (toll-free).

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