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Using command line arguments

Using command line arguments all Windows servers in your environment can be configured at a time, to do this:

  1. Create a CSV file by the name 'servers.csv' in the location <installation dir>\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\bin. From the Encoding tab, save the document in UTF-8 format. → Open the file, enter the names of all Windows servers (that you want to audit) in adjacent lines, and separate them using commas.

    For example, to add the file servers Test-MS1, Test-MS2, and Test-MS3; open the servers.csv file and enter:

  2. Navigate to <installation dir>\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\bin. → Open command prompt and execute 'cmdUtil.bat'. → Enter ADAudit Plus' default admin credentials. Note: ADAudit Plus’ default username and password are both 'admin'. → And execute the following command:

    server add -machinetype ms -isauditpolicy true (or) false

    After -isauditpolicy, enter 'true' to automatically configure the required object access audit policy and 'false' to manually configure the required object access audit policy.

    For example, if you want to audit all Windows servers and configure the required audit policies automatically; execute the following command:

    server add -machinetype ms -isauditpolicy true

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