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EMC error codes

1. The system cannot find the path specified


This error occurs when ADAudit Plus is unable to contact the EMC server.


Check whether audit policies are configured on the EMC server to ensure that events are logged whenever any activity occurs.

Follow this audit policy configuration guide and check if the audit policy is configured properly.


Check if the audit files (evt files) exist in the EMC audit location.

  • Open File Explorer in the ADAudit Plus server and select Network from the left tree.
  • In the Network window, double click on the target EMC server which contains the shared folder.
  • Navigate to the EMC audit location as specified in ADAudit Plus console and check if the files exist. Alternatively, you can run the UNC path to the EMC audit location and check if the files exist.
  • If the audit location does not contain the audit files, locate the audit files on the EMC server and update the EMC audit location in ADAudit Plus.
  • If you are able to access the shares, check if you can ping the Netapp server.

EMC error codes

Note: EMC audit location is the UNC path of the audit folder shown in the image.

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