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Adding EMC storage devices to the ADAudit Plus console

To add your target EMC servers to ADAudit Plus, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the ADAudit Plus web console and navigate to the File Audit tab.
  • Under Configured Servers, click EMC Server.
  • From the Domain drop-down, select the domain that contains the target EMC server.
  • Click + Add Server in the top-right corner.
  • In the Add File Servers pop-up, select the target EMC server and click Next.

    Adding EMC servers

  • Select the shares you wish to audit and click Next.

    Adding EMC servers

  • Provide the following details:
    • The username and password of the Domain Settings user
    • The IP address of the EMC Control Station
    • The port number for communication

    Adding EMC servers

  • If you wish to allow ADAudit Plus to configure object-level auditing automatically, select the check box for Set necessary object-level auditing on selected shares. Otherwise, follow the steps under Manual SACL configuration in this help guide to configure object-level auditing manually.

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