ADAudit Plus Terminologies

ADAudit Plus follows terminologies specific to the product. We have defined some of the commonly used terminologies in this page for easy understanding of the Product.

ADAudit Plus Product Terminologies
Report Profile Methodology to filter the necessary events from Event data, and associate them to Active Directory Objects like users, computers, groups
Alert An alarm on the high priority event when it happens. Alerts can be scheduled and automatically delivered via. email.
Activity Any action that is performed in an Active Directory like, creating a user, deleting a user, adding a member to a group, logging into a machine etc.,
Event Data stored by Microsoft as event logs on activities performed in Active Directory when the Auditing Policy is enabled.
Event Number For every activity that is completed an event number is recorded in the Eventlog. Microsoft logs in each event with a specific number and stores the information in the Eventlog of the Active Directory. This event number is critical for Auditing Purposes – ADAudit Plus identifies and reports Audit Activities based on the Event Numbers.
Audit Actions Rules formulated to filter the necessary events from the Event Data.
Category Categorization of Event Logs depending on each activity which is similar to the "Category" in Event Viewer. Eg., Account Logon, Account Management etc.,
Event Subscriptions
Event subscriptions help you to subscribe to events from a remote computer.
Audit Policy
Configuring these audit policies help to log audit event data to Servers/Workstations etc.

Description on the batch files present in the product [<Installation_Folder>\bin]

File Name Description
Customer Centric
startADAP.bat Start the product
run.bat Start the product using Command Prompt
stopADAP.bat Stop the product
InstallNTService.bat Install the product as a service
UpdateManager.bat Apply the service pack
resetADAPPassword.bat Restore default ADAudit Plus Admin Password [MySQL / PostgreSQL]
startDB.bat Start MySQL / PostgreSQL DB
stopDB.bat Stop MySQL / PostgreSQL DB
Database Migration
ChangeDB.bat Change the MySQL / PostgreSQL DB to MS SQL Server
migrateSQLData.bat Take backup from MySQL / PostgreSQL for DB migration to MS SQL Server
restoreMigratedSQLData.bat Restore backed-up MySQL / PostgreSQL Data to MS SQL Server
Database Move
backupDB.bat Take backup of DB [MySQL]
restoreDB.bat Restore DB [MySQL / PostgreSQL]
RestoreEventTables.bat Restore the MySQL / PostgreSQL tables
ADAudit Plus Internal Process
ADAP.bat Starts the product (When the ADAudit Plus tray icon is clicked)
shutdown.bat Stops the product (Works along with stopADAP.bat)
ADSStartup.bat Starts the product along with AD360 (Separate Product)
setCommonEnv.bat Sets basic configuration
runOnce.bat / unpack.bat Executed the first time after product installation
PatchManager.bat Applies the service pack (works with UpdateManager.bat)
initPgsql.bat Sets timezone for product, the first time it is started

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