ADAudit Plus Terminologies

Terminologies Used in ADAudit Plus


ADAudit Plus follows terminologies specific to the product. We have defined the terminologies in this page for easy understanding of the Product.

The Generally used Terminologies in ADAudit Plus Include


Report Profile

Alert Profile







Event Type

Event Number

Event Code



Report Profile:

Keep tabs on; keep an eye on; keep under surveillance.



 Warning on the status of an activity



Any specific behavior done.



Something that happens at a given place and time.


Event Number:

For every activity that is completed an event number is recorded in the Eventlog. Microsoft logs in each event with a specific number and stores the number in the Eventlog of the Active Directory. This event Number is critical for Auditing Purposes – ADAudit Plus identifies and reports Audit Activities based on the Event Numbers.


Event Type:

Each activity or event that occurs is logged in as a Success or Failure or any other status. This is identified by the event number. This is called the Event Type.



Set up for a Particular Purpose. Configuration tab in ADAudit Plus is an important feature of the product. It facilitates monitors, domains, activities and privileges to be customized as is required to Monitor or receive alerts.

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