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The Domain Settings link is present at the top right corner of ADAudit Plus. This link helps to configure Domains, Domain Controllers and also facilitates enabling / disabling a Domain or Domain Controller. More on Configuring Domains and Domain Controllers is discussed below.

Configuring Domains and Domain Controllers

During startup, ADAudit Plus adds all the domains that could be discovered. If you wish to add more domains or modify the added domains, you can do it from here.  


To add more domains, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Domain Settings link from the client to open the Domain Settings page.(This is present at the Top Right corner of ADAudit Plus)

  2. The domains that are already added are listed here. Click the add new domain link to open the Add Domain Details dialog.

  3. Specify the Domain Name.

  4. Click on Discover link to locate the domain controllers from the DNS and add. Else, add all the domain controllers manually. The domain controller that appears first in the list is considered as the domain controller with the PDC emulator role. Use the up and down arrows to move the added domain controllers in the order of priority.

  5. To ADD Multiple Domain Controllers, input the domain controllers separated by a comma ( , ) sign.

  6. Specify the authentication details of the user as which the domain controller will be contacted.

  7. Click ADD to add the domain.

Note: The procedure to add domains like Child Domains, Domains from same and different forests are the same.


Note: Domain Controllers can also be added from the link "Add Domain Controllers" at the bottom of each Domain Details.


You can perform the following actions from here on a Domain:


    1. Default Domain: The domain that is first discovered is considered as default domain. If you wish to change the default domain, click the  icon from the action column to make it default.

    2. Modifying Domain: To modify the domain details, click the modify icon and change the required values and save.

    3. Deleting a Domain: To delete a domain, click the delete icon.

    4. Refreshing the Domain Details: To synchronize the object details with the Active Directory, click the icon.


You can perform the following actions from here on a Domain Controller:

    1. Any number of Domain Controllers can be added to fetch event data based on the license purchased.

    2. In the Trial Edition only 5 Domain controllers can be configured to collect data.

    3. Though more domain controllers can be added / discovered, only 5 domain controllers will be enabled to fetch audit data the rest will be disabled .

    4. An administrator can enable or disable a Domain Controller to fetch event data by providing a check against the icon provided.

    5. To delete a Domain Controller click on the Delete Icon .


Note: In the Free Edition fresh event data is not fetched. But data fetched during the last trial / licensing period is reported.


Configure Domain Controllers  to fetch event data:


Event Data can be fetched from all the Domain controllers that are configured under domains which have proper privileges. To designate proper privileges one needs to enter proper credentials while configuring domains.


  1. ADAudit Plus lists all available Domain Controllers in an organized format. Domain Controllers are listed under their corresponding Domains.

  2. Event Update Runs once every 2 Hours for each Domain Controller by default. ADAudit Plus can be configured to change the Event Update schedule to run between 1 and 23 Hours by click on the change link and selecting the Time duration from the Drop Down.

  3. ADAudit Plus provides details on Last Event Read Time.

  4. To facilitate latest event data to be fetched from a selected Domain Controller a [Run Now] option is also available.

  5. The Status column provides information on whether event data is fetched from Domain Controllers.


Note: Domain Controllers can also be added from the link "Add Domain Controllers" at the bottom of each Domain Details.


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