Disk Space Alerts

How to get disk space alerts

An administrator can configure a threshold value for free disc space. When the free space on the Server goes below the threshold, an alert is shown on the application. This alert can be viewed to the top right corner of all the tabs in the product below the "Domain Settings" link.

Additionally when a user logs into the application the alert is shown prominently with the below details.

"Available free space is ____ MB,  below threshold ______ MB."

The alert also allows the user to recalculate the Available threshold value by clicking on the threshold link.

To configure a "Disc Space Alert"

  1. Login into ADAudit Plus as an administrator.

  2. Click on the "Admin" Tab

  3. Select "Disc Space Alert" under "Administration"

  4. Provide a check against "Enable"

  5. Provide a numerical value for "Alert me if free space in the drive goes below ____ MB" in the textbox provided.

  6. Click on Save.

This will configure a disc space alert when the free space in the disc goes below the threshold set.

How to save on disk space

  1. Data archiving in ADAudit Plus allows organizations to archive processed audit data to an archive folder by compressing the files to a zip format at the intervals mentioned, ensuring forensic and compliance requirements. Click here for more information.

  2. Check size of ev_temp & temp folder & ensure it is empty or having very few files.

  3. Check logs folder size is not more than 1 GB.

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