Exclude Configuration


This feature helps you to exclude file, process, user accounts, especially service accounts from logon auditing. These accounts consume a huge amount of space in the database and alerts from these accounts prove to be a waste of an administrators time.


To Exclude File, Process and User Accounts:

  1. Click on File Audit Tab.

  2. Select "Exclude Configuration" under Configuration.

  3. Enter the File types, Process names (.exe) to be excluded from Auditing

  4. Select the Domain (This displays the list of all user accounts in the domain under "Available Users").

  5. Exclude one or more users from the Available Users list by using >> option.

  6. Click on Save.


ADAudit Plus stops collecting logon auditing data from the excluded file types, process names (.exe) and user accounts. ie) Logon Reports / Alerts will not be shown for those Excluded Accounts.

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