Technician Settings


The mere size of an organization makes it all the more difficult for a single administrator to monitor all changes that occur in the network. There is a need to delegate monitoring roles to one or more users in the domain and this can be effectively established using the technician delegation feature in ADAudit Plus.


ADAudit Plus allows delegation for two different roles

  1. Admin Role : The admin role will have complete privileges to the ADAudit Plus settings and configurations.

  2. Operator Role : The operator roles will have privileges only to view reports, alerts and graphs configured by the administrator.

Any number of help desk technicians can be added from the admin tab of ADAudit Plus.


To add a help desk technician

  1. Login as an admin user

  2. Click on the Technicians link under the Admin tab of ADAudit Plus

  3. Click on "Add New Technician" Link

  4. Select the Domain

  5. Choose the User and

  6. Select the Role for the selected User.

  7. Click on Save

A role has now been delegated to the selected user.


When the user who is delegated an "admin" role logs into ADAudit Plus console:


He has complete privileges of the administrator and will be able to make configuration changes, view reports, schedule reports, view alerts, schedule alerts, perform other admin functions that ADAudit Plus provides. The user who is delegated an admin privilege can modify his and other user roles as well.


When the user who is delegated an "operator" role logs in into ADAudit Plus console:


He has the privilege to view reports, view alerts and view charts from ADAudit Plus console.



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